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Fringe Dwell·er (frinj dwelur) n., A buffer between two worlds.

Excerpt of painting 'The Flacker' from the book cover of the paranormal book 'Fringe Dweller on the Night Shift' by Psychic, artist Monica Holy

What is a ‘Fringe Dweller’?

I’m a Fringe Dweller.

My guides told me I was a buffer between two worlds, the waking reality, and what’s considered the ‘other side’.  They also told me it was my  job  to ‘transport people to death’. Not exactly something you want to put on your resume.

As a lucid dream medium, I interact and play  in the sandbox of the spirit world.

I’m aware of both states simultaneously- like having a foot in each world.  I know I’m dreaming, and because I know this, I also know I can fly, walk through walls, and breath underwater.  In other words physics don’t apply here AND that myth about dying if you fall from a astral flight and hit the ground-is bogus.

What I do in my dream state can also alter things in the waking reality of the physical world.

When I lay down to sleep, I step through a portal to other dimensions.

Many people have a day job; I work the Night Shift.  I get to work while I sleep, literally. Okay,so I don’t get benefits, but I don’t pay taxes either. My commute to work looks a little different than yours. I go to bed at night, fall asleep , and  surf different layers of reality like you would change lanes on a super highway.

Monica Holy, author of Fringe Dweller on the Night Shift: True Stories from an Afterlife Paramedic


‘Science has no way—yet—to map the geography of spirit lands, or measure the weight of the souls that inhabit the spaces-in-between. And so I have no proof to bring back to the waking world, and must struggle sometimes to express the ineffable freedoms and communions of spirit flight, or describe the extraordinary powers that are at play in the invisible matrix. It is not my intent to try and convince you of the truth of telepathy, telekinesis, astral travel, life after death, the existence of spirit, or reincarnation, or to explain quantum physics. There have already been many fine books written on these subjects. I wish only to share my story and to allow providence to bring to it the readers who need, or want, to hear it.’

Monica Holy, author of Fringe Dweller on the Night Shift: True Stories from an Afterlife Paramedic


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