Thank You: artwork from Chapter Two

acrylic on canvas = 2.5’h x 7.5’w

Artwork 'Thank You' by Monica Holy, psychic, artist and author of the paranormal book 'Fringe Dweller on the Night Shift'


Dream Journal entry:

Thursday, April 30 2004

I lie on my bed, exhausted. I’m asking, “What’s next, what’s next?” in a habitual litany. I have been asking that question for the past four months as I saw my friend Lynn through her last days before she died of cancer. I have been working for those months through the nights, led and taught by the light beings who came to help me in the energy healing, and through the days to see to her physical needs. And now that it is over, the question echoes as if I have not quite let her go, as if there is something more that needs to be done.

I realize what it is. I have forgotten to thank all of those who came to help and teach me—the beings that exist on another plane, in another dimension, and bring their tireless and infinite love to the energy work. They had come to me in dreams with diagrams and charts, showing me where to lay my hands, how to direct and apply my energy. They had come with suggestions for diet and homeopathic remedies. They had given me love and guidance and support throughout every minute of the emotionally intense journey that I had been on with Lynn.

I am filled with gratitude, brimming with thanks for all that I remember of those days and nights. Suddenly, the room begins to fill with spirits—beings of light—pouring their love into me and into the air around me. There seem to be hundreds of them.

For a moment doubt makes me ask, “Is this really happening? Can this happen in waking hours?” My doubt is put to rest by the evidence of my own eyes, which see how the light emanates from their hearts, and see the infinite compassion shining on their faces. They float above the ground, swaying gently as seaweed does in the ocean’s tide. Whatever doubt I have is absorbed and set aside by the physical joy I feel in every cell of my body as gentleness and love lift me out of time and into the worlds beyond—the soul’s home.

As one, they raise their right arms and wave as if to say, “It’s all right that you forgot us. And you’re welcome” in a gesture of infinite generosity.



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