Mars: artwork from Chapter Eight

acrylic on canvas = 3′ x 3′

Artwork 'Mars' by Monica Holy, psychic, artist and author of the paranormal book 'Fringe Dweller on the Night Shift'


Dream Journal entry:

Wednesday, March 5 2003

I feel myself drifting high above a planet. I let the current of the planet’s orbit draw me closer in a sweeping arc until I am close enough to see what I can only describe as a wondrous city below me. I know that I am looking down on Mars.

The layout of the city is circular. The streets are curved and the buildings are shaped like wedges to fit the layout. Some of the buildings are topped with large domes and smaller silvery nodules. All the buildings emanate from the central space, which I sense was once a gathering place for the inhabitants, but there are no inhabitants visible, for this city has been empty of living creatures for years beyond counting.

I am filled with admiration by the simple functional geometry of the city. It looks as if it has been designed ergonomically: The patterns of streets and structures are meant to encourage the easy flow of movement. I get a sense that the inhabitants moved in a choreography of awareness of each other so serene that they strode without hesitation through these streets.

Nor does the city fight with its surroundings. It fits into the rust-colored landscape with ease and grace. There are no walls at the perimeter. Instead, the city sits in a crater,

which acts as a natural retaining wall. The land at the edge curves upward and flows out into the environment without barriers.

The expanses surrounding the city are barren and empty. Everything is utterly still and silent. I am looking at a ghost town, but there is no sense of abandonment or loss in that understanding. The feelings that are lodged in the architecture of the individual buildings and the city as a whole are of love, peace, knowledge and understanding.



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