‘Astral Triage with a Fringe Dweller’

October 2009

Kinetics Magazine-October 2009 featuring psychic, artist, author Monica HolyOctober’s edition of Kintetics Magazine is featuring an article titled ‘Astral Triage with a Fringe Dweller’ by Monica Holy.

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What’s your experience of God then?

Nicole Chayka is the co-author of the paranormal book 'Fringe Dweller on the Night Shift'Artwork 'Love's Light' by Monica Holy, psychic, artist and author of the paranormal book 'Fringe Dweller on the Night Shift'Take a deer in the head lights, cross it with a chipmunk on caffeine and you might get a visual of Monica doing her first Radio Interview.  I only got to witness the first 45 seconds as she ‘prepped’ herself as though cramming for a tenth grade algebra test because she kicked me out. (hmmm, wonder why?)

So we are celebrating the fact that she’s no longer a radio virgin to be sacrificed to the media gods as David Schrader of Darkness Radio was her first and for the most part, gentle interview.  Of course one listener phoned in the question, “So what’s your experience of God then?” Whoa!  No pressure tip toeing between being honest while in typical Canadian fashion not wanting to offend anyone.  I’m not going to tell you how that went down you’ll just have to download the Darkness Radio pod cast if you wanna hear how she side stepped that mine field.

It does beg the question to all of us though.  “What’s YOUR experience of Creator then?”

I mean have you had a direct experience or are you going on the say so of others?  Not trying to be an asshole here (just asking).  I suppose we’re gonna ruffle a few feathers with our answers especially if it runs contrary to everything you know, or everything you’ve been taught.  It’s scary to navigate without a compass but scarier still to go on blind faith.  I’ve always felt that believing something and knowing something are two very different things.  I mean you may have read about orgasms, heard about orgasms, but until you have an orgasm….you don’t know squat about orgasms.  Know what I mean?  Monica’s been in the presence of ‘Love’s Light’ dozens upon dozens of times as she’s led many to the light over the years.  I have only experienced source energy like that once, but once is all it takes to let you know there is something real and tangible out there and it’s experiential not something you can get from a book, not even ours.

Namaste, Nicole


Love’s Light: artwork from Chapter One

acrylic on canvas = 5.5’h x 3.5’w

Artwork 'Love's Light' by Monica Holy, psychic, artist and author of the paranormal book 'Fringe Dweller on the Night Shift'


Dream Journal entry:

Monday, August 9 2004

I am in the matrix. For me to be here means a lost soul is ready to go home.

I have a vague corporeal structure—my ethereal body—with just enough form to appear human. I’m holding the hand of the person I’m leading. In the darkness that surrounds us, we head toward the cone of brilliant light that is ahead. As we draw closer the light intensifies, becoming brighter than any sun that human eyes have seen, yet its brilliance does not spill out of its own form to light the space around it. The light is held within itself, waiting for the return of the spirit that approaches, waiting to bring the spirit home.

We feel the ineffable love that radiates from the cone of light—an overwhelming sense of peace, calm, wonder, compassion and wellness. The unutterable joy increases as we come yet closer, and all fear or hesitation is forgotten in its ecstatic expression.

My being opens in wonder and innocence. I am free to be as vulnerable as a newborn, without fear of judgment. Waves of ecstasy wash through me and back again to the light from which they came in an exchange of pure and all-consuming love. In a fraction of a moment I know what it means to be at one with something. I am filled with a sense of connection to everyone and everything—the Source of all that is.

I stop at the light’s edge still holding the hand of the soul that I have led here, and gently release him into the blissful light. My hand grazes the luminosity and I am pierced to every quarter of my being with the unconditional, absolute sense of infinitelove that is the light.

Although I yearn to drift into the light along with the person I brought here, I know that that is not my purpose in coming, nor is it my time. I gently let go of his hand as I feel his essence begin to rise, watching in awe as he disappears into the apex of the cone before finally vanishing into the intensity of love’s light.

He has gone Home and I am breathless with the gratitude of having come here, and the memory of my communion with eternal, limitless, infinite love.



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