“People That Appear in Dreams”

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“People that Appear in Dreams”

Sometimes in my dreams, I meet people that I have never seen before, yet they seem familiar.  I am wondering if the images of people from the distant past have somehow been implanted in my DNA.

In one dream, I ran into a young man that seemed to be working hard to torment me.  He seemed to be a recognizable example of evil. He also seemed familiar, but he was totally unknown to me in the physical waking world.

In other dreams, I have girl friends that I have never seen before.  They are totally unknown to me in the real world, and yet they pop up in dreams.  Can this be something drawn out of my ancestry?  I am seventy-one years old, and when I was younger rarely dreamed.

It may have a simple explanation, namely, a side effect from medicine.  Maybe my aging brain is starting to make up stories.

However, most of the dreams are quite rational and organized.  They are not jumbled, but do seem to continue on with a single theme.  Not as as
you might expect a dream to unfold.  When I wake up, the feelings associated with the dream linger on.

Do you have any insight into this type of thing?

When I dream, it is often very real and emotional.  As I mentioned,I believe an explanation might have something to do with my genetic blueprint.  It is very difficult to describe the content of my dreams because they take place in unknown locations and are often more feelings that anything else.  The emotions that these dreams elicit are certainly real.


Excerpt of painting 'Grey Wolf' by Psychic, artist Monica Holy, author of 'Fringe Dweller on the Night Shift'Hello Jerry,

I can relate exactly to what you are describing, in reference to meeting people you have never seen before, however they seem familiar. I’ve had countless themed dreams like that. It can be frustrating, because on some level, you know you recognize them.

I like Sylvia Browne’s theory from Other Side and Back: A Psychic’s Guide to Our World and Beyond that we tend to re-incarnate with the same souls, interchanging our blue print to offer each other the opportunity for growth. For example, someone who was your child in a previous lifetime, may now be your spouse, or boss, or friend etc. Gender has nothing to do with it. In one lifetime they may offer us the experience of unconditional love, and in yet another, perhaps conflict.

Consider the concept of the courage it would take for a soul to agree to provide the conflict, or torment in your incarnation this time round. Most people choose to see only what the direct circumstance is as a result in their own life, and not what the other person’s challenges are.

I’m not condoning negative behavior here, just providing a theory of thought. This whole theory certainly leaves much to speculation and debate, however it does provide food for thought. I’ve had dream experiences where even though the ‘image’ of the person is completely different, the ‘essence’ of someone I know in this lifetime is present.

As for side effects from medicine, I’m sure there can be influences. One example, if a side effect is to ‘relax’, then by simply being in that stress free state, it may enable you to sleep better, and enter a lucid dream state.

You may also now be in a different state of awareness from when you were younger. I’m sure you have seen and experienced much in this world.
Perhaps this is why you now dream more. As for your aging brain making up stories, I think that could be true at any age…lol!  Just think of children’s limitless imaginings because they haven’t been told that something isn’t ‘true’, or ‘that’s not possible’.

Your dreams do sound quite linear, consider that a bonus, as many people’s experiences aren’t so ‘organized’. Perhaps keeping a notebook by
your bedside will enable you to jot down all the elements that linger as you awake.

Our dreams can be very emotional, I find in many cases they are more intense in feeling, with the colour, smell, and sounds well beyond things I’ve experienced in the waking reality, certainly different at the very least!

As for locations, curiously enough, I kept dreaming over and over again of a specific geographic region, however, in each case, it was a different time period. Even more curious, I simply ‘knew’ it to be a region I spent each summer with my parents growing up in this lifetime. It’s almost ‘haunted’ me to know something so intimately, yet not able to pinpoint exactly it’s meaning. Somewhat frustrating, so I understand I only need to accept it. Perhaps someday it’s meaning will become clear. I’ve learned that a term given to this phenomenon is Land Memory’. Yes, I’d have to agree, the feelings, and emotions our dreams elicit are certainly real.

I hope this helps, and may all your journey’s in dream time be safe and joyous ones!

Sincerely, the Fringe Dweller


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