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Monicaf Holy on Coast to Coast am Radio with host Ian PunnetMonica Holy on Coast to Coast am Radio with host Ian Punnet

The response after the Coast to Coast Radio Interview with host Ian Punnet was overwhelming. Here are some of the questions and shared experiences that came in. For the people who asked for their privacy and their emails not to be posted, their comments and queries are respectfully absent from this page. Thank you everyone who wrote in. Many people who thought they were alone in their paranormal experiences will find 'Fringe Dweller on the Night Shift' by Monica Holythey are in good company. 🙂

Comments and responses are in the process of being posted. The earliest responses are at the bottom of this page.

'Fringe Dweller on the Night Shift' by Monica Holy

Coast to Coast Radio aftershow paranormal question for Monica Holy, psychic, artist and author of 'Fringe Dweller on the Night Shift'Submitted on 2010/07/24 at 4:29 pm

“Book mentioned on Coast to Coast am”

Hi Monica,

I just listened to a streamlink of you on Coast to Coast am.

You mentioned a book by Ken Wilber, could you give me the name of it?

Something about the ‘123 of God’.

Thank you,

I loved hearing your interview.


Excerpt of painting 'Grey Wolf' by Psychic, artist Monica Holy, author of 'Fringe Dweller on the Night Shift'Hello Cheri,

Thank you for listening to the Coast to Coast program!

Yes, the book is called The One Two Three of God , by Ken Wilber.

I listened to the audio recording of it, and found it fascinating in areas of Religion, structure, Spirituality, and basic Communication Skills.

The 4 part cd audio recording is done with Diane Hamilton in a Q & A format.

I hope this helps,

Sincerely, the Fringe Dweller

Coast to Coast Radio aftershow paranormal question for Monica Holy, psychic, artist and author of 'Fringe Dweller on the Night Shift'Submitted on 2010/07/22 at 7:43 am

“My dreams”

Hello Monica,

Could you tell me what you think I am doing when I dream?

I have the most creative lucid dreams that are sometimes movie-like in that they are so detailed and have many related scenes.

My issue is that while I can link some content to passing thoughts or stimuli I’ve encountered throughout the day, other parts are SO WAY OUT that I could have NEVER conjured up these things in the deepest subconcious parts of my mind.

I feel like I am somehow being fed this info or picking up on it from another source. This would be great if it helped someone or solved a problem or even made sense, but it’s not. It’s just bizarre “junk” things that are randomly inserted into my storyline and they don’t really enhance the dream at all. I wake up saying, “Where in the world did THAT come from?”

Thanks for any input you may have.

Excerpt of painting 'Grey Wolf' by Psychic, artist Monica Holy, author of 'Fringe Dweller on the Night Shift'Hello Lynn,

For now, if all you get is ‘bizarre junk’, just go with it.
I understand what you’re talking about, and upon waking, I just tell myself ‘now that would make a heck of a movie’…lol.

Many people know they dream, and can’t remember a thing. Perhaps you may feel fortunate to be part of these ‘Magical Mystery Tours’, and sincerely have some fun with it. If it leaves you waking with happy thoughts, then it’s all good. I look at it as a wonderful grand Sandbox to have the good fortune to play in.

As for any information coming in, it may seem cryptic right now. For myself, I liken some of my experiences to the TV show ‘Medium’. Her dreams are cryptic puzzles that don’t seem to have any cohesion at first glance.

My dreams sometimes come in a framework of things that are familiar to me. Perhaps if you kept a Dream Journal by your bedside, you might start recognizing a pattern somewhere. I have journals full of info that have references to things I’m only just discovering actually exist. Others have yet to be figured out…lol.

The more you allow and trust your dreams to unfold (even if they seem nonsensical), by simply being the observer, the more involved they may become. They may start yielding more information.

If you’re really interested in the nitty gritty of ways to allow, and ways to start implementing elements of direction in your dream, you might check out the book  Toltec Dreaming: Don Juan’s Teachings on the Energy Body by Ken Eagle Feather. He’s connected with the Monroe Institute and offers a detailed look into the various levels of dream state, with exercises to strengthen your dreaming muscles.

I hope this helps, and perhaps you have a hit song, movie, TV show or book on your hands and don’t even know it!

Have fun with it, it’s a wonderful gift,

Sincerely, the Fringe Dweller

Coast to Coast Radio aftershow paranormal question for Monica Holy, psychic, artist and author of 'Fringe Dweller on the Night Shift'Submitted on 2010/07/21 at 7:29 am


My daughter recently went through a miscarriage.

I need to know if unborn babies need help reaching the other side.

If so, what is that like for both you and the baby?

Thank you!


Excerpt of painting 'Grey Wolf' by Psychic, artist Monica Holy, author of 'Fringe Dweller on the Night Shift'Hello Rose,

My heart goes out to both you and your daughter. I can’t imagine the emotional challenges you and your daughter are dealing with.

I haven’t yet had the experience of assisting an unborn child to the other side.

However, I have assisted a young child, who upon passing from Life to Death, was immediately Re-incarnated, by leading her to her new ‘family to be.’ I remember holding her hand, and riding through the Slipstream of Consciousness at an incredible ethereal speed, until at last we slowed, and the message I got from her was that this was where she was now meant to be.

I am in no way suggesting your daughter’s unborn child chose upon dying to be with someone else. I’m only relaying an experience I had.

Perhaps there is some solace, in knowing your daughter will have a child under the circumstances that are right for her, and her future child. This time just wasn’t meant to be.

As for further details on reaching the other side, Sylvia Browne writes and speaks about this in detail. Her books may shed some light, as I’ve heard her talk about unborn children. I can only share my experiences, and suggest Sylvia as another resource for information.

I hope this helps, and my thoughts are with you both,

Sincerely, the Fringe Dweller

Coast to Coast Radio aftershow paranormal comment for Monica Holy, psychic, artist and author of 'Fringe Dweller on the Night Shift'Submitted on 2010/07/21 at 6:54 am

“Coast to Coast Broadcast”


I listened to you on Coast to Coast last night and I find your words of assisting transitioning souls fascinating and self-rewarding.

In this world of deceit where truth is as rare as a 5 leaf clover I don’t know who to believe or trust anymore. Most people these days can weave awesome and believable stories with such fantasy, hope and flare, and all for the almighty dollar.

As a people we are starving for some semblance of Truth and Guidance if not in this world then in the next, what we are given is “Reality” TV and
Politicians with Emmy award winning lies.

I trust you are a genuine breath of fresh air, at the very least I am glad that your dream state brings satisfaction to you.

I would like to hear from you.

Recovering Catholic,

Excerpt of painting Grey Wolf by Monica HolyHello Ron,

Thank you for the kind words, and I love your sign off of ‘Recovering Catholic’… :).

When asked, I  usually mention that I was raised Catholic, but I don’t acknowledge a specific denomination now. I’ve had so many experiences in my life. Some contradict the teachings I grew up with. Others embrace elements of other religions. I tend to view ‘religion’ as a specific ‘structure’. The beliefs and faith I have of ‘God’ revolve more around the experiences I’ve been blessed to be part of.

Once I was so afraid to speak my truth about my experiences, however I’ve grown to see how the isolation of that virtually suffocated who I was. I feel like I have a second lease on life now that I can speak openly, and live in the authenticity of who I am.

When the idea of creating a book came about, my co-author and I felt it was important for people in similar circumstances to resonate with the truth about their own life, and have the courage to ‘come out of the psychic closet’, even if just to family and close friends. It can be a burden to keep it locked up.

I hope the opportunity to share my experiences encourages people to start a dialogue about their own. If it makes a difference in someone’s life,
I’m grateful.

I think the more comfortable people are with themselves, the more truth in others they are able to recognize. There is a resonance with something that rings true for them.

However it certainly is getting more challenging to discern the truth with what we are given through Television and media. Perhaps we’ll have
to become more introspective, and listen with our heart more.

I’ve noticed the more heart centered I become, the more wondrous the experiences are in the ‘sandbox’ of the Other Side (and the waking
reality too).

The challenge to living a heart centered life, is to maintain the discernment of things that go against your authenticity, and recognize them in time.

Thank you for your kind words, and I’m glad you enjoyed the Coast to Coast program.

Sincerely, the Fringe Dweller

Coast to Coast Radio aftershow question for Monica Holy, author of 'Fringe Dweller on the Night Shift'Submitted on 2010/07/22 at 6:54 am

“Lost My Husband Suddenly”

I lost my husband suddenly 4 years ago, was not prepared and today I am struggling to a degree I don’t know what to do next.

I am desperate, I need some help.  Maybe from some Angels from the other side.
I need help, someone to help me.


Excerpt of painting Grey Wolf by Monica HolyHello Jeanniemarie,

Condolences on your loss, I cannot imagine the challenges you are facing.

Please take comfort in knowing, that all our ‘thoughts are prayers’. When you ask the Universe for help, the Universe answers, we may just not
recognize it right away. When we become peaceful with our thoughts, and our emotional body, our heart is open to recognizing messages of comfort sent our way.

We are guided with bread crumbs when we are drawn to read a certain book, watch a certain TV program, or listen to a certain radio program.

Reach out to a friend Jeanniemarie, or family member that you can confide in. You’re not alone in your journey. Sometimes asking someone for help, not only assists you, but offers the other person the gift of giving. We all need a little help from time to time.

You’ve just taken huge steps forward by choosing to voice your request for help. I believe it’s a sign of strength for you to have done so.

Bless you for your courage. This means you are open to receive the gifts that will come your way.

I have been through some very low points in my life, and the veil was lifted when I asked for help. I look forward to you finding your ‘way
back to yourself’, and finding the daily gratitudes of bliss life can reveal.

I don’t know the circumstances concerning your husband’s death, however my heart goes out to you.

What I can offer you, are the books and teachings that created an awakening within myself, and made a huge difference in my life.

Wayne Dyer’s books  like The Power of Intention, ChangeYour Thoughts – Change Your Life, Making Your Thoughts Work For You , and Your Life Begins Now to mention a few. His words may offer a way to give you some tools to transform your grief, and help you to turn your circumstances around.

For a further look into the passing of a spirit, and the Other side, Sylvia Browne offers details with books like Other

Side and Back: A Psychic’s Guide to Our World and Beyond. She also describes how visitations from a loved one can occur.

A beautiful light of inspiration is a woman by the name of Lisa Nichols I first saw her in the movie ‘The Secret’. I then heard her speak at a lecture, and was amazed at her story and loving words.

Thank you for listening to the Coast to Coast program, I hope this offers some helpful information.

Jeanniemarie, know that you are loved, and that the Universe, and Angels are listening. You have what you need, inside you, to make the difference in your life that you are searching for.

My thoughts and prayers are with you,

Sincerely, the Fringe Dweller

Coast to Coast Radio aftershow question for Monica Holy, author of 'Fringe Dweller on the Night Shift'Submitted on 2010/07/12 at 6:43 am

“My Deceased Mother”

When my Mom passed, me and my sister experienced twinkles of light in our  home off and on. I always thought it was my mother and blew a kiss up to the light every time I saw it.

After my mother’s funeral mass, me and my sister spoke on the phone later in the day and she stated that she couldn’t believe how “rivers of tears” were streaming down my face. I told her that I only had a couple of tears as I was actually speaking to my mother, in my mind, during the entire mass. I never believed that she was in that casket, so the sadness didn’t really hit me at the mass.

A few weeks later, my sister and her husband visited my mother’s grave. After that they went to a restaurant and my sister began to cry. Her
husband asked what was the matter and she said that nothing was the matter but, the tears just kept coming. She couldn’t stop them so, they
had to leave the restaurant.

Do you think that my mother could have caused them?

Also, shortly after my mother died I had experienced horrible vibrations within my entire body. They would pass after a few minutes of waking up. One time I had them, got out of bed and could barely open the bedroom door, until they passed.

Do you know what could have caused this to occur?

My Mom was born on April 20th, 1920 but there is no trace anywhere of a birth certificate. My brother had records checked by the church and
government agencies here in New York State. Her sisters and brothers certificates all were found, but not her birth certificate. A short time after her passing, I felt something touch my arm as I laid in bed at night. I told my sister about it the next day and she stated that she felt someone touch her forehead that same evening.

Do you think that was the time when she was ready to cross over? Her final Good Bye?

I hope that we will get to see her when we pass but, like you stated, she might already be born somewhere else. I hope that she waits for us before
that happens.

I love your paintings and your work. I always watch the Ghost Whisperer on TV, as I just love that show.

I would really appreciate it if you could answer these questions for me.

You are such a gifted person…you are so lucky!

Thank you,


Excerpt of painting Grey Wolf by Monica HolyHello Elaine,

Twinkles of light…they are wondrous indeed. When my grandmother passed, it seemed like all things electrical were having a party…lol. Even the phone kept ringing, with no one on the line when we picked up. I knew it was the electrical energy commonly connected with someone’s passing, usually lasting about 48 hours or so after death. Each time I had a big smile on my face.

As for your mother being responsible for your sisters tears, I honestly don’t think so. It’s our choice how we respond emotionally.  However, I understand how stress and emotions build up in our bodies. We don’t necessarily realize to what extent. As with my grandmother’s passing, there was so much that needed to ‘be taken care of’, it left me little time to contemplate much else than that. It’s quite possible, that with some passing of time, your emotional body caught up with you, and needed a ‘release’.

I’ve done some ‘Journey Work’ with my mentor Carolyn Long, and what amazed me, was all the latent energy trapped in my body, without my even being aware of it, until I allowed myself to relax. What occurred with this healing approach, is termed a ‘Cellular release’.

Whenever we experience something, especially of a stressful or traumatic nature, we tend to hold our breath. By doing so, we hold ‘in’ the energy
of what is transpiring, and trapping it in our body, on a cellular level. If this isn’t addressed, it can manifest itself in our bodies as ‘dis-ease’ later on.

The cellular releases I’ve experienced, start as a wave of vibration, oscillating within my body, increasing until I feel I’ll burst if it doesn’t leave my body. Quite suddenly then, the wave of energy seemingly ‘breaks through’ the wall of skin on my body, giving me severe shivers. However, immediately upon this wave of energy leaving my body, the sense of overwhelming relief is most welcome, albeit exhausting. I can’t say for sure whether this is what occurred with your vibrations, but perhaps it’s something to consider.

As for the touch on your arm, and your sister’s touch on her forehead, it’s quite reasonable for it to have been a visit from your mom, and not
necessarily as a final goodbye. I continue to have visits from my grandmother, in my dreams. The odd time, I’m even aware of her presence in the daytime. It’s a feeling I get, that has a distinctive ‘flavour’ I’ve come to recognize.

Sylvia Browne goes into a lot of detail of the patterns of those that have crossed over, especially visitations. You might want to check out her books such as Other Side and Back: A Psychic’s Guide to Our World and Beyond.

I feel a resonance with Sylvia’s work, when she explains how many of us choose to repeat incarnations with previous souls from previous lifetimes. For example, a ‘brother’ in another lifetime, may be your best friend in this one. So even though your mother may have ‘moved on’, there’s opportunity for a reunion on the other side. It’s tough to imagine, but think of all the things we’ll ‘remember’ when we ourselves cross over.

Wayne Dyer touches on ‘re-membering’ ourselves as spirit in his books too. There’s so much out there, it’s wonderful that you’ve already recognized that your mother ‘wasn’t in the casket’. You’re obviously open to this world of phenomenon.

I’m glad you enjoyed the paintings, thank you!

I love Ghost Whisperer too, and Medium! I thinks it’s fabulous for people to have the opportunity to connect with something that’s growing in awareness such as paranormal experiences. The more we share with one another, the less fear and stigma surrounds it.

I hope this helps, and may you have wonderful visits with your mom!

Sincerly, the Fringe Dweller

Coast to Coast Radio aftershow question for Monica Holy, author of 'Fringe Dweller on the Night Shift'Submitted on 2010/07/12 at 6:19 am

“Near Death Experience aka NDE”

Twice I almost died.

Don’t remember anything.

Is it possible that I had an NDE, and was told I wouldn’t remember it?

Home from the hospital, I lost my desire to drink alcohol.


Excerpt of painting Grey Wolf by Monica HolyHello Stephen,

Having an NDE is possible.

The fact that you lost your desire to drink alcohol suggests you experienced something that enabled you to make that choice. I myself haven’t had an NDE. However, just as I remember my dream experiences, and awake with messages and memories intact, I don’t see why there isn’t potential for you to have an experience, perhaps an NDE and yet not have memories of it.

Just the ‘knowing’ that something wondrous transpired can instill a state of gratitude. Perhaps it can be viewed as a blessing, that you had this shift in your awareness about your desire to drink alcohol.

There is an incredible book called The Big Book of Near Death Experiences: The Ultimate Guide to What Happens When We Die
by P.M.H. Atwater. This woman has been researching Near- Death Phenomenon since 1978, and is considered a world authority on the subject.

Even though I’m only partially into the book myself, I’m finding it fascinating enough to offer as a perusal for someone looking for answers.

Perhaps this book can shed some light onto your experience. Perhaps more details will come to mind as you read her studies.

I hope this will be of some help, thank you for listening to the Coast to Coast radio program, and good luck with your research,

Sincerely, the Fringe Dweller

Coast to Coast Radio aftershow question for Monica Holy, author of 'Fringe Dweller on the Night Shift'Submitted on 2010/07/12 at 6:11 am

“How Do You Enhance Metaphysical Abilities?”

I’ve studied and worked on enhancing my metaphysical abilities for decades such as clairvoyance, remote viewing, etc.

Everything fascinates me yet I can’t seem to do these things consistently or at will. And some things I just haven’t been able to do such as lucid dream, see auras, have conscious OBE, and I would like to.

I’ve listened to books and tapes without success.

Do you have any suggestions?

Does the fact that I’m older, 59, have an effect on my abilities?

Thank you for your help,


Excerpt of painting Grey Wolf by Monica HolyHello BL,

First of all, I think if anything, your age is an advantage. You may just be in a better understanding of who you are. 🙂

I’ve been told by a Shaman, that generally men have to study diligently to develop their gifts, and they start at a young age. Women, who are so inclined, tend to do so naturally later on in their life, when family and child rearing are in the background. This is now your time. At least this is what I’ve been told. 🙂

I generally don’t see auras, that still eludes me too. As for conscious OBE and lucid dreaming, I recommend Toltec Dreaming: Don Juan’s Teachings on the Energy Body by Ken Eagle Feather, as he delves into detail of the various levels of dreaming, the how to, with exercises for more control. He also participated with the Monroe Institute.

I too found many books, tapes, and meditations that simply didn’t work for me. I think preference is in order, and eventually you will find what works for you.

For myself, I found allowing the experience to unfold, without trying to dictate the outcome yielded the most successful results.
No judgment, and simply being the observer are important too.

I hope this is helpful, there’s more info on the website with others who wrote in their questions and experiences.

Good luck with your lucid traveling, and remember to protect yourself!

Sincerely, the Fringe Dweller

Coast to Coast Radio aftershow question for Monica Holy, author of 'Fringe Dweller on the Night Shift'Submitted on 2010/07/12 at 5:50 am


I have been seeing for years now ghosts,demons,flashes.

I see diseases,death,lost people,physical healing,see my dreams real when I wake up,and I dream I pray over people and do exorcisms.

I know when we’ll have earthquakes and if someone will be pregnant and what they’ll have.

What do you call me?

I saw three thin, tall,black evil beings staring into my eyes and saw a big black hole by my bed.
They were very evil.They did not like me. I prayed hard and finally they left.

I saw dolls move when I was a little girl.

I saw me and my daughter going through a wide path very bright then, I said,”It’s not our time. Let’s go back”. I was not asleep.

Can you tell me what’s going on with me?

Thank you. Love you.


Excerpt of painting Grey Wolf by Monica Holy

Hello Maria,

I would call you a psychic 🙂 . The things you do are referred to as clairsentient, clairaudient and you seem to have prophetic dreams and visions.

It seemed in my life I would go through a series of ups and downs. My gifts would grow exponentially, then it seemed I would be hit by just as intense, a visit from some dark energy. Someone told me, that when those of us grow with our gifts, grow with the Light, that the dark energy was
attracted to that with intention to turn that light into their dark. Supposedly there was a balance that continually played itself out. However like you, I opposed the dark energies, and they wouldn’t get far with their attempt.

Whether this theory is valid I don’t know, other than the continual light and dark I experienced.

Whatever the explanation, you’ll need to start implementing some protection for yourself.

In regards to the ‘tall,black evil beings staring into my eyes’, you may want to check out the post on Shadow Figures aka ‘Dweller on the Threshold’ for possible answers.

Sometime when we are young, we actually have the telekinetic energy to move things (such as the dolls you mentioned). We haven’t been told it’s
not possible, and we are full of emotional shifts  growing up. Thoughts are energy. Emotions carry energy.

As for the time you told your daughter it was time to go back, it’s possible you had a glimpse of the Light on the other side. I have seen that light myself on a separate occasion from Fringe Dweller work, and I too knew my work here wasn’t done, and needed to get back. It can be a very alluring Light.

I would suggest reading Sylvia Browne’s book Phenomenon: Everything You Need to Know About the Paranormal, which describes A-Z all things paranormal. Her other books too are informative for someone on the psychic path. She has a wonderful book on life themes too worth considering.

Other authors I recommend are Stuart Wilde, and James Van Praagh. These are a start to see where some of your experiences fit in. Remember we are all unique, so take what resonates with you, and leave the rest. Everyone offers their perspective of things.

I think you are going through another growth period as a psychic. Perhaps it’s time to embrace all that is you, unconditionally, with understanding and love for yourself. Some reading also looks to be in order 🙂

I wish you well on your path, and finding what that looks like for you.

Sincerely, the Fringe Dweller

Coast to Coast Radio aftershow question for Monica Holy, author of 'Fringe Dweller on the Night Shift'Submitted on 2010/07/12 at 5:24 am

“Thoughts on the Bible and it’s Truths”

First off, Miss Holy, thank you and bless you for the work you “Are” sharing and the souls you “Are” helping!

My question has to do with scripture however.

What are your thoughts on the Bible and its truths?
Are all spiritual texts valid?
Do you think that the Bible contains all truths?
Is the book of URANTIA an enhancement to the Holy Bible? etc…..etc…

Thanking you again,

Pete and family,

P.S. Many blessings to both you and your family from our Lord and source of all!

Excerpt of painting Grey Wolf by Monica HolyHello Pete,

Thank you for your words of kindness.

Ahhh, the Bible. Well, I was raised Catholic, however some of my experiences would be considered a contradiction to some of the structure framing the Catholic religion. I have also had some incredible experiences involving my perception of ‘God’, Creator, Source. Perhaps I now fall somewhere in-between Agnostic and Indigenous Cultures’ spiritual beliefs, I’m not exactly sure there’s a ‘box’ for me. It’s an ongoing journey, new things come into my awareness with each experience I have.

However with that, I also have less judgment. I’ve learned for myself, that the more I learn, read, study, the less it actually feels I know about all that is out there. It seems at every turn, I learn how much more unexplored, and unvisited concepts exist. It certainly helps keep oneself humble.

One of the things I’ve found working the ‘Night Shift’, in the capacity that I do, is that all that I have to offer certainly flows through me. There’s never really a time for one to get ‘too big for their britches’ if they think that it’s a ‘power’ they possess.

As soon as I’ve even thought I got the hang of how something works, I’ve been knocked on my ‘butt’ with an almost ‘Oh yeah, you think you know a thing or two, take this on for size’. It can be very humbling, and I’ve learned just take each experience, with gratitude. Fortunately as a
child, once I understood my differences, I’ve always considered what I have to offer as a gift.

Of course now, is the time for me to share, and encourage others to open up about their experiences, so people can feel less isolated or fearful
of their own experiences.

I’m not familiar with the Book of Urantia. You’ve just given me something to look into, so thank you for that.

If you haven’t already come across it, ‘The One Two Three’ of God by Ken Wilber is a fascinating look into the structures of religion and spirituality. He also talks about communicating one’s perspectives on these topics. Very, very insightful and interesting. You might want to give it a read, or listen to the audio of Ken talking in an interview . Food for thought at the very least.

Thank you for listening to Coast to Coast, and writing in.

Blessings to you and your family too Pete,

Sincerely, the Fringe Dweller

Coast to Coast Radio aftershow question for Monica Holy, author of 'Fringe Dweller on the Night Shift'Submitted on 2010/07/12 at 5:23 am

“Dream Visitation/Contact”

On Saturday night I dreamt of my mother and father who are both deceased, and I was visiting the home of the man I was with for 5 years (he passed in 2006 and has very strong energy).

In the dream I KNEW he was dead and my parents as well – so I was aware.

Other people started coming into his house with bags of crab meat, bottles of wine, cheese and crackers and everyone was looking at a large calendar with notes on it.  I felt sort of out of place and my mom and dad said we should leave.

As I was leaving my deceased boyfriend came in, hugged and kissed me and said, “let me introduce you to my father”, (who seemed to be off in another room). The father said something like, “not now”, and so I took my leave with my parents.

Well, yesterday, I happened to read the local section online of our state’s newspaper and there it was, the obituary for my boyfriend’s father.  The boyfriend I believed, contacted me to let me know they were all together now (as the obit mentioned his mother had passed somewhere after 2006 and before the father). Theirs was a strained relationship. The father very successful and the mother very sweet and quiet, but the boyfriend never felt adequate in the father’s eyes. I believe there was a lot of love, but underlying unworthiness, although the boyfriend became highly successful before his untimely death in 2006.

He and I have had a very deep connection since we met and it has transformed since he has died. I want to tap into more of this ability to communicate – and I am familiar with lucid dreaming.

Please let me know if in fact you believe I am looking at this correctly and if so, how can I work to enhance this ability.

Grateful for your work and belief,

Annie Mountain

Excerpt of painting Grey Wolf by Monica HolyHello Annie,

Well it sounds like you do have a handle on the dream. You of course will intuit best since you know everyone and their circumstances.

By the way, it sounds like quite a house party….lol…I recognize how lavishly inviting they can be!

My grandmother comes to visit me infrequently, and I cherish those times. It’s like getting together for a cup of tea and catching up.

I also have a high school acquaintance, whom I never really hung out with, just knew through playing on the same sports team, and never saw again after graduating. She started visiting me in my dreams when I was in my 30’s, and I found it quite curious. There were references to the school ‘letter jacket’ I misplaced, and she was dropping it by. None of this really ever happened in real life, so I couldn’t understand why she would show up in one of my lucid dreams, it just didn’t seem to make sense.

Sometime later , I found out from a friend, that she had passed some years before in a tragic accident. Then it all came together. I didn’t know she’d passed, and here she was coming around to ‘hang out’ with me, even under false pretenses associated with high school. So even though I never knew her, we now ‘hang out’ from time to time ?

Since you and your boyfriend were close, I don’t see why you couldn’t set the intention to have visitations. Do your best not to get frustrated if you don’t yield the results you’re looking for. Put aside any expectations. Our sense of time here, is different on the other side.

To expand your skills with lucid dreaming, I suggest the book Toltec Dreaming: Don Juan’s Teachings on the Energy Body by Ken Eagle Feather, as he delves into detail of the many levels and offers exercises.

Thank you too for your belief, although I’d probably refer to it as a ‘knowing’ since you also share lucid dream experiences! However yes, it is another source of validation that shows we are not alone in these events.

May you have safe and joyous journeys!

Namaste, Monica

Coast to Coast Radio aftershow question for Monica Holy, author of 'Fringe Dweller on the Night Shift'Submitted on 2010/07/12 at 5:22 am

“Crossing Over Without Suicide or Death”

I was wondering if it was possible to transfer yourself, or to stay in the afterlife without dying naturally or suicide?

What are your thoughts on suicide and the afterlife?

I have only had an outer body experience twice but it was drug induced and in my state I was floating down a dark red river with shadowy souls watching me, and I kept passing through different layers of this river.

I was not frightened and still today I am comfortable with dying and letting go of this world.


Excerpt of painting Grey Wolf by Monica HolyHello Sarah,

I’m not quite sure what you mean by ‘transferring yourself or to stay in the afterlife’.

I’ve heard mention of the process of ‘Ascension’, in which a person evolves from their physical body, to an ethereal state, and then on to becoming a body of light. This is the process for those known as ‘The Ascended Masters’.

As for ‘thoughts on suicide and the afterlife’. Many ask if it’s possible to cross over to the Light, even if dying by suicide. I’d have to say yes.(let me be clear that I’m not condoning the act of suicide here, I’m just answering if it’s possible to still ‘go to the light’). It all depends on the state of ‘being’ upon death itself. Many people, no matter what the circumstances of their death, have an understanding of what’s transpired, they are at complete peace with it, and accept it with the ‘knowing’ that they are ‘returning to Love’.

Some just take a little longer before crossing over to the Light. Some are concerned about loved ones also involved in the same tragedy. Some want to have a communication with loved ones still living. Some remain in a state of anger for a while before they are able to move on. In any case, I’ve seen a wide variety of situations where spirits make it to the Light.

I understand there are religions out there with specific views on suicide. I can only speak from my experiences, and I understand they may clash with certain religious teachings.

I have only ever come to someone’s aid as they were attempting suicide,once by ethereally pushing the pills out of their mouth.

They did not die, however, I’m aware if someone really wants to commit suicide, there is nothing that will stop them. It’s their choice, their path.

As for OBE’s, Carlos Castanada wrote many books on drug induced OBE’s, until he discovered how to have them without the aid of drugs.

Drugs are not my willing method..lol. By that, I mean I once, and once only, had the misfortune of a prescription pain killer wreak havoc with my perspective on things. That was one looooong and horrendous night. I really don’t think mediums, psychics and drugs mix well (grin).

What I do remember, is it did indeed induce an over the edge experience I knew was enhanced. The emotions were exaggerated, along with the images, and they were greatly distorted. I honestly didn’t like how that was interfering with my regular perspective. I felt it was adding distorted elements I couldn’t trust, very warped indeed. This was my brush with such an experience, it may not be that way for someone  else.

To have a drug induced experience willingly, and knowingly makes a huge difference as well. I don’t know the circumstance surrounding yours, however it’s great that you were ‘not frightened, and are still comfortable with dying and letting go of this world’.

Since it seems you are capable of having the experience, I encourage you try it under different circumstances, such as meditation, or implementing lucid dream techniques. I think it would be wonderful to see what imagery that evokes.

Ken Eagle Feather writes in depth on how to expand on your lucid dream experiences in his book Toltec Dreaming

I hope this information was helpful, thank you for writing in.

May your journeys be safe and joyous!

Namaste, Monica

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“What a Lovely Job You Do”


I came across your link by chance?? or by design we never know, with a little free will I believe it’s all written in stone, the many paths of the spirit.

I know many get confused between worlds, it’s a shock to many many throughout their life who do not believe because of religion and brainwashing, all waking now), what a strange reality we chose to take part in so many dreams within dramas.

Anyway, your soul retrieval work is great. I’ve only heard of one other, she was a Shaman, but there must be many doing this.

I was always a healer but took it up to help suffering in mind body spirit. The mind heals the life force, not the healer (which I do free ), only the soul can heal itself, we can act as a link, but that’s all. The person’s soul as all it needs to carry itself through life. If we do healing, it’s to heal the self and to be of service.

Anyway, lovely person what a good job you do…

Love all things, all things will love you.

Take care on your journey on love,

Paul, a traveler…

Excerpt of painting Grey Wolf by Monica HolyHello Paul,

Well you certainly are another traveler who understands the integration of fate, free will, and ’co-incidence’ .

I concur with much of what you so beautifully wrote, especially the part ‘to be of service’.

I put this book out there with ‘detachment from the outcome’ for the purpose of sharing my experiences, getting the information out there, and encouraging other to come out of the psychic closet themselves, and in turn share with their family and peers. Perhaps this will help with the feelings of isolation and fear people associate with these experiences.

I had initial trepidation with what form the information might take on, not wishing it to become a circus, but one that remained true to my authenticity, and honored the higher place it flowed from.

Then someone pointed out, that we all ‘get it’, we have a shift, with information coming in many forms. If there ever was a Saturday morning cartoon about it, but someone had a ‘shift’ in their awareness as a result of watching, than is that so bad? I suppose in that perspective it’s quite alright…lol.

Thank you for writing in your perspective,

My best to you fellow traveler, stay safe and well!

Namaste, Monica

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“Power and Thought”


When I use positive thinking I seem to get results exactly opposite (or if not opposite there is a price I have to pay that outweighs the benefits) of what I am trying to achieve.

How could I change that?

Are there such things as curses because in this life I seem to be powerless and even though my ideas are good and my efforts are with genuine desire I always seem to have an insurmountable block that prevents my success?


Excerpt of painting Grey Wolf by Monica HolyHello Brent,

Oh, I think in today’s era of positive thinking we all feel some of what you describe, and it can certainly feel frustrating.
There are movies out there like The Secret which start the ball rolling.

For a complete immersion on the how to, and the why something’s not working Esther Hicks books are very informative.

Eckart Tolle’s The Power of Now is definitely enlightening.

Another great combination is Wayne Dyer and Deepak Chopra’s How to Get What You Really, Really Want.

For turning your reasoning around, Byron Katie rocks. She’ll give examples of how anything you see as insurmountable can be turned around including discovering what you’re block is.

Overall, the challenges are certainly there.

Honestly, I’ve found for myself, what works best, is to have a thought, I put it out to the Universe, then I simply let it go. It works well for me.

As for curses, the only power I think they have, is the power you give them. If you believe they are true, then they will be.

As for insurmountable blocks that prevent our success, I honestly wonder how many people don’t have that hurdle, no matter what they tell you to your face.

A woman on the show called in about ‘New Age thinking’, and how ‘convenient’ it was to lay the blame on something not working out to ‘you weren’t thinking the right thoughts’.

I agree, that there tends to be a lot of room for pointing fingers when something doesn’t work out, and it seems like an easy ‘out’ for all those out there speaking the benefits of ‘if you do it right’.

Ultimately, I think you have to take what resonates with you, and leave the rest behind. Persevere and listen to your own heart.

There are motivational speakers out there, whose words do ring true for me.

Like ‘80% of success is showing up’.  Absolutely.
‘You don’t get if you don’t ask’.  Absolutely.

One can choose to jump on the lecture circuit bandwagon, however do your best to be discerning, as to find what works for you. Not everyone’s
words of wisdom will be wisdom for you. At its very best, they are offerings, for you to choose from.

Something to consider about success (once you figure out what your success looks like), is what self sabotage you may unknowingly allow to
take place.
A great push for finding this out, is Anthony Robbins. The courage may ie in how honest you are with yourself.

Setting intentions really can help too.

I hope this was helpful, and I hope you find what works for you.

Namaste, Monica

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“Dreams and certain contact with Paranormal”

Hi, I’m sitting here in the dark listening to Coast to Coast am.

Ok, I’ve always have seen people and things that weren’t there, like awhile back I was possessed by a 9 year old girl who dropped and killed her baby brother. Her father took her to a cave with her brother and blocked her in. I was crying and running away from him.

My daughter did find the cave and got info on that.

Then last year at an old apartment I heard things like someone walking in the bedroom and everyone was downstairs. It shut offr the TV two times and when we told it to leave the TV alone, it went stomping up the stairs.

Here at this apartment there’s something in the crawl space. It likes dropping something and it follows us room to room and drops whatever it is.

Also, I can hear music playing, people talking at night and I don’t sleep at night.

I’ve a dream also where I was in a small plane and I was pointing to it * (which in life never had), and the wing hit a bridge and I went down into the river and slammed into a side of a yellow station wagon. There was a woman and kids and it hit so hard the woman’s head faced towards me. I guess I was crying and yelling and my roommate was in the front room with earphones and he plays his music really loud but he heard me…

I still dream about that when I close my eyes…I don’t understand everything that’s going on with me.

I hope you can advise me, Lord knows that I need it…


Excerpt of painting Grey Wolf by Monica HolyHello Janice,

You certainly have a lot going on! Paranormal activities manifesting in your waking reality, as well as Lucid Dreaming experiences.

You say your daughter found the cave and got info on that. If that you mean you got evidence/validation of some sort, then that can be considered a bonus. As horrific as the event was, to know it took place, perhaps validated that you weren’t imaging things.

As for what is in your apartment turning off TV’s, dropping things, it certainly sounds like a spirit or ghost doing its best to get your attention. What you need to discern is whether it’s malign or benign.

Many spirits upon crossing over aren’t used to their ethereal ‘form’, and have difficulty communicating with those in the waking reality, so they do whatever they can. Next time ask if it’s ‘of the light’, maybe you can even get a name and what it wants. However it’s probably best to let it know, that if it’s not of the Light, it must go. Also relay that it has passed, and it is now time for it to cross over to the light. Do this firmly with conviction, but with Love.

Some spirits that feel ‘unheard’ or become a nuisance are referred to as ‘Poltergeists‘. These are ‘Spirits or Ghosts believed to manifest their presence by rapping and other noises, and also by acts of mischief, such as throwing furniture about’.

I suggest you start some protection regimes to rid your home of such unwanted visitors.Smudge your house. Whenever you feel a presence say ‘all that is not mine please leave’. Visually implement protection like the box of mirrors described in the ‘Greys’.

You can check out this website for other people’s dilemma’s regarding the need for protection. Many people have written in about their experiences.

I’ve had many experiences that meld together reality and spiritual paranormal activity. The challenging thing to learn is discerning how you fit into something else that’s taking place, yet involves you as an observer and sometimes participant bystander.

It sounds like you are indeed lucid dreaming, and in a role of Fringe Dweller, or Dreamwalker as others call it by. All I can suggest is that you read up on the experiences of, to see what others are describing, and how you may fit into any of that.

A great book on lucid dreaming is Toltec Dreaming: Don Juan’s Teachings on the Energy Body as he writes in detail about the various levels and states of dreaming, including how to expand and gain control of them.

Psychics whose books I’ve read, with elements of familiarity, are John Edward, James Van Praagh, and Rosemary Altea.

For information and perspective , Sylvia Browne and Stuart Wilde.

For spiritual introspection Deepak Chopra, Eckart Tolle, and Wayne Dyer.

Remember these are other people’s perspectives and information, mine included. Take what resonates as truth with your experiences, and leave the rest behind.

Thank you for writing in, and I hope your experiences start integrating and make more sense. Keep a dream journal by your bedside, I find this helps immensely, as you can go back and begin seeing patterns that help you discern the different flavors of different types of dreaming.

Namaste, Monica

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“I called in on Coast to Coast”

Hi Monica,

I got cut off before I was allowed to ask my question.

I am Mark who remembers  between lives.

As a spirit, I am not IN time so therefore I also have no location spiritually.

So, how do you account for the concepts of heaven , hell and another incarnation?

I do recall choosing to have another lifetime.
I did put my “order” into life that it would arrange what I wanted for this life.
The lifetime I experienced is somewhat different than what I had planned.

Another thought:  I am not IN time, so what is this “other side”?
As a spirit, I’m already there.

This is what I realized when my last body was finished and buried.


Excerpt of painting Grey Wolf by Monica HolyHello Mark,

Thank you for listening and calling in on Coast to Coast.

Yes I remember you, and it’s challenging to be on the radio with such time restraints.

I believe we briefly touched on the concept of non-linear time, which in itself is open to debate especially with all the quantum knowledge that’s ever growing.

I understand when you say ‘you’re not in time, therefore you have no location spiritually’.

With that, we could say that heaven, hell, and other incarnations are all states of being. If we add the idea of non linear time, we could say they all occur simultaneously, therefore perfect examples of Eckart Tolle’s theory that everything is ‘now’.

That’s a big conclusion when you break down each nano second of ‘existence’ being a constant state of change. The only thing constant is the ‘change’ itself. Bring in prophetic dreams, feelings of Déjà vu and one could almost conclude that it’s truly a state of all knowing, especially where your ‘higher self’ is concerned. Whew!!!!! That’s a lot for us to wrap our heads around 🙂

As for your experiences being somewhat different than what you planned…ahhh…free will.

Again, I only got to touch on the concept of fate and free will co-inciding. Is coincidence really a coincidence, or an interaction between fate and free will…hmmmm…open for debate. I think perhaps we create our blue print of what we’d like to experience, however each day, each moment is a choice on our part. We choose how we respond to everything going on. Perhaps what we miss this time round, we can choose to write that into our next blue print.

Very insightful of you to encompass these elements! Thank you for writing in!

There is so much for discussion here, too much for an email for sure. An afternoon one on one with a few people is more suited to this type of intimate dialogue. Perhaps you have a group of people to share these concepts with.

Deepak Chopra, Wayne Dyer, Eckart Tolle, and Stuart Wilde certainly have their perspective on all this if you choose to research further.

Thank you again for listening to the show, and I hope this was helpful.

Namaste, Monica

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“Fringe Dweller”

Let me start by saying “HI!”

I’m listening to your episode on Coast to Coast am right now and I’m surprised that what your saying mirrors my experiences.

I’m just turning 32 (as of this past Thursday) but, a little background… I’m male, and from as far as I can remember, I’ve said and known I considered myself “in between” meaning I’ve had an easy time doing astral travel as a child, literally knowing events before they happened and when people passed, until I told my dad about it,who,as a cop/military man forbade such things verbally.

So I suppressed the ability for years until 2005, when I was almost killed in a car accident.From that point forward, it seems as though since my accident, I’ve experienced things like never before, I took the place of 2 people that were exiting this plane. One, a man in his late 90’s, on his death bed in rural china with his family around him. Another man, an American soldier in Iraq who was killed in a night time patrol/ambush by an IED disguised as a teddy bear.

Both of these episodes happened in the last year and both extremely vivid, sights, sensations, sounds and smells.

How is it that I can clear the clutter from regular life/the suppression forced  demanded by my father, who now acknowledges the gift, but I have been stuck now, as I believe I cant control this ability as I did when I was a younger person?


Excerpt of painting Grey Wolf by Monica HolyHello Rashad,

Thank you for listening to the Coast to Coast program, I hope it yielded some answers.

I understand when you say you ‘had an easy time doing astral travel as a child’. Your father presented what is known as ‘behavioral conditioning’. Many people go through this. As a child we have the outlook that anything is possible, until someone tells us differently, and we begin to believe what we hear rather than our own heart and trusting our experiences.

It sounds like your car accident is similar to an event that Stuart Wilde describes in his book The Infinite Self. He refers to it as ‘hitting your tree at 60mph’. In other words, many times we have suppressed gifts or a ‘knowing’ about something, and it doesn’t come to light until we hit a major obstacle that snaps us to attention and places our focus on it. A spiritual awakening is what many call it, however it can also be a return to something one has forgotten.

Quite interesting your experience of ‘taking the place of two people that were exiting this plane’. You talk of two, yet you are one person. I’ve never heard of two people occupying one incarnate. Very interesting indeed.

Yes the sights, sensations, sounds and smells do seem more intense than those in the waking reality.

I’m happy to hear your father now acknowledges the gift. I understand your frustration knowing you had more control over your gifts at a younger age. I too experienced more of a diversity as a child, such as clairaudient, clairsentient, etc.

Now that you are in a new shift in your life, perhaps the experiential door will start widening. Sometimes in our current age of thinking, we place too much emphasis on what we know we could do, based on our previous capabilities. As challenging as it may seem, quieting the mind, turning inwards, and the simple art of allowing is the path needed now. Wayne Dyer has an expression ‘Let go,  and let God’. I understand this can be tougher than it sounds.

One of the emotional elements that enabled the floodgate to open further for me, was the state of gratitude. I feel like I’ve had a second lease on life. I can be pleasantly annoying to my friends with my constant chipper attitude and outlook of gratitude. However there it is. I look at just about everything as a bonus.

People and books that helped me put things into a better place of understanding were Wayne Dyer, Byron Katie, Deepak Chopra, Eckart Tolle and Stuart Wilde. I don’t expect their writings to resonate with everyone, however they did enable me to remove some of the blockage that was preventing me to live my life with full authenticity and honor of my higher self. Once these blocks were removed, the floodgates to my gifts started opening even further.

If it’s further control you are seeking, keep the above in mind, however you may wish to check out Toltec Dreaming by Ken Eagle Feather who delves into detail of the various states of dreaming, with examples of exercises to expand one’s gifts.

I hope you enjoyed the Coast to Coast program, thank you for listening.

I hope this information helps, and may all your dream journey’s return and flourish.

Namaste, Monica

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I have had afterlife experiences when I was in Nevada city, California…and also when I was in LA.

How do I find out more about these past lives, and the lessons I’m suppose to be learning and doing in this life?

Do I go to a hypnotherapist?



Excerpt of painting Grey Wolf by Monica HolyHello Mark,

Hopefully you keep a pen and paper by your bed, so that upon waking you can jot down all the immediate nuances that come to mind.

I’ve found that some of my past lives, I dream more than once, and I begin to connect the ‘feelings’ that go with the experience. I don’t necessarily recognize the life lesson, however I do get pieces to this life’s ‘puzzle’.

For example, one past life seems to be me wearing a monk’s robe, down in the dungeons by torch and candle light, and transcribing and copying
endlessly with a quill. In this lifetime, my friends tease me about making notes and recording everything…lol…
Some bits like this can be entertaining, and do answer some of the seemingly quirky ‘whys’ we may have.

As for a hypnotherapist…if you feel comfortable, you can give it a go. My mentor Carolyn Long did a combination of hypnotherapy with ‘Journey work’, and we did find out several bits in relation to my current life experiences.

Do your best to remain open, even if it’s to find out you don’t necessarily make any connections. The fact that you are open, shows the universe you are ready to receive. You may be amazed at what starts to show up in your life.

You may choose to check out what Sylvia Browne has to offer with her books on life experiences, as she goes into details of life themes. This
may also shed some light from a different perspective.

All the best, and may your discoveries be illuminating!

Namaste, Monica

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“Me too!”

I cross people over in my dreams just like you. I have been doing it for years.. I never knew it had a name. I also dream before people die. I am an RN in my day job and I cross people over in my sleep. It comes in spurts. Sometimes I cross people over every night and sometimes a month or two goes by and I don’t cross anyone over .. but then i start all over again.. i told many people i do this and it seemed as if i was the only one ..

I have never heard of anyone doing it. Thank heaven you came on Coast to Coast. I wake up exhausted sometimes because I cross all these people over. I always told my mother I dream of crossing people over who I don’t know- kids,old and young people, people from other countries…

Do you have any suggestions for me to develop my talent? My grandmother was very psychic and would have out of body experience and I would wake up and see her coming over to see us. Then she would confirm I saw her… awesome !!

Thank heaven I am not crazy !!!


Excerpt of painting Grey Wolf by Monica HolyHello Bethany,

What a courageous challenge you took on, to be an RN by day, and one by night as well! You are by no means the only one, so many people have
responded and written in to say they do it too, and by names such as Dreamwalkers.

I understand you’re feeling of waking up exhausted. People who have not had these experiences may not recognize how emotionally draining it truly is to always be ‘present’ for someone. You do it both day and night, so you’ll need to implement a few intentions so you don’t find yourself in a place of utter exhaustion that leads to ill health both physical and mental.

Set your intention before going to bed that you’ll get all the rest you need. As I mentioned on the Coast to Coast program, I found out I actually had ethereal caregivers that watched over me. Ever since implementing that intention I haven’t had any major issues beyond the normal stress of waking life regime. Also set your intention to have a safe journey.

I love the story of your psychic grandmother astral travelling to you. The fact that you had her to confirm the experience is indeed a gift in itself. So many people have never had a validation of any kind.

Generally, I encourage people to allow the experience, be the observer as much as possible. Allow the images to unfold, and do your best to gather the nuances, the feelings, the flavor of what’s going on. Many times this will yield more answers than trying to hear messages. Our ears tend to work better in the waking reality, and we can expand our other senses to tell us what’s happening in our dream world. Listen to your heart, that tends to be a good compass as well.

As for expanding your talents in dream travel, I often recommend the book Toltec Dreaming by Ken Eagle Feather who delves into detail of the many levels of dreaming, and how to expand on each one. This may offer you detailed insight into expanding your gifts.

I don’t think you’re crazy, at least no more than the rest of us who lead this sort of dual life…lol.

Sincerely, bless you for taking on the dual role of caregiver in both waking and dream realities. I can’t even imagine the emotional stress and
challenges that you face.

May all your dream travels be safe and rewarding, and know you are not

alone in this 🙂

Namaste, Monica

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“Thank you for making me feel not so crazy”

Won’t go deeply here, but thank you for making me feel not so crazy about the fact that I live in both worlds at times.

I wake up and sometimes I’m in both my dream and reality, at the same time.  I try to explain it to some people whom I trust, but they still just look at me like, “uh huh”.

I interact in my dreams with people and it’s more real than reality.  I think you know what I mean.

Anyway, I can’t wait to hear you on Coast to Coast tonight and I’ll be getting your book.

Take care, Dave

Excerpt of painting Grey Wolf by Monica HolyHello Dave,

Welcome to the ‘two worlds’ Dave, you are by no way alone!

So many people have responded with similar stories, so thank you for sharing yours. This was the intention behind putting myself out there, to tell of my experiences, and by doing so encouraging others out there that they aren’t alone in their paranormal events.

I understand well that look in friends’ eyes. There’s that look of ‘uh huh’ on the outside, but on the inside fear of the unknown, and simply thinking it all incredulous because they perhaps have never encountered anything you feel is so real.

‘More real than reality’ is something I can definitely relate to…well put!

Thank you for writing in, I hope you enjoy the Coast to Coast program, and maybe now you’ll feel even less isolated.

I’m in the process of compiling all the responses people have written in, so people can read even further.

Namaste, Monica

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“Dreamers connecting.”

I studied some lucid dreaming from Steven Leberge and found young Reece Jones on utube.

I became entranced by him and after a few weeks I found myself lucid dreaming for about 1 min.  I was in a dark crowded room and saw Reece so went to him and told him I was dreaming lucidly now.  He was busy with young people.

I knew I was dreaming. Did he dream of me at the same time?

Thank you,


Excerpt of painting Grey Wolf by Monica HolyHello Carol,

You’ve given me two new names to look into, thank you! I’m currently unfamiliar with their work, however I’m always open to hearing about new people and their perspectives.

I cannot speak for Reece of course, as to whether or not he dreamt of you at the same time you were lucid dreaming about him. That almost sounds more like remote viewing. You might want to check into Paul Elder’s work on that. I think it would depend on whether Reese was asleep and dreaming at the same time or not,  for him to dream of you there by his side, however perhaps in his waking reality he might have been aware of something. You might consider reaching out to him and ask. It would certainly be interesting to find out.

I have had a lucid dream encounter with my son, who remembered the incident himself and spoke of it first at the breakfast table the next morning. From that experience, I know that it’s possible for two people in dream state at the same time, to interact with each other. I like to call this  ‘sharing a dream bubble’.

I hope this was helpful, and thank you for two new resources for me to look into!

Namaste, Monica

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“Life’s purpose and lucid dreaming”

Stumbled onto your web site, from Coast to Coast.  Listen often to that program and you’ll be on tonight.  Can’t wait.

Really trying to connect with my Spirit Guides and to be more conscious of my nightly travels.

Any suggestions or insights you can give me.  One thing I am really trying to do is write my book.  The one I committed to do before I
incarnated.  Can’t seem to get focused on it.  (I have written over 450 articles on a variety of topics from aging, health care, medical, and art.)

Now its time to focus on more spiritual topics.


Excerpt of painting Grey Wolf by Monica HolyHello Herb,

As it turns out, during the interview, the topic of Spirit Guides wasn’t delved into with any depth, and it can be a huge topic to cover on its own.

Sylvia Browne talks in detail about Spirit Guides in her books, however her experiences are quite different than mine. I’d have to offer that it may look slightly different for everyone. I’d love to have an ‘open line’ with my spirit guide like Sylvia, however mine tend to show up in cryptic fashion instead.

I found this to be personally  challenging. I had it in my head, that I would be able to communicate directly with, and identify my  spirit guides on sight. However after trying many things I’d read or heard about, I found they weren’t working for me.

Then I  learned to let go of any expectations, the whole art of allowing I often describe. I found that there isn’t necessarily a  formula for connecting with ones’ spirit guides.

Now I was already receiving visits by spirits that were obviously trying to tell or show me something, however I wasn’t actually sure if they were
‘Spirit Guides’. So I came up with a rule that if they were  going to show up in my dreams, then to do so in a way that I would recognize them. So they did, and they came up with a uniform for me, black pants and a black t-shirt…lol

Now as far as messages go, I’ve also found that for myself, they don’t necessarily show up when I want them to. They tend to randomly show up ‘just because’, with a message that can be really cryptic and have no meaning at first. I just thank them and have faith that it will  show up in my  life in a way that I’ll recognize the message. I found John Edward’s interpretation of his Spirit guides both entertaining, and enlightening. I laughed but I was able to relate.

They’ve been there to offer information, or comfort with encouraging words, and simply an embrace to let me know everything was going to be alright. When you are possibly on the wrong track, there they are in the middle of the road waving a big red flag suggesting you might want to

I seem to have an entourage, each with different expertise in different areas, like health, science, etc. This could come in very handy for someone like yourself who is embarking on writing a book! Interesting that you are aware of wanting to do so from a previous life experience.

Wayne Dyer offers wonderful suggestions on how to quiet one’s mind, turn inwards, and allow ‘spirit’ to come through and create. He refers being inspired to being ‘in-spirit’, and allowing the information to flow through and out.

It will be very interesting indeed to see what you finally end up with on paper, a work of art I’m sure.

As for nightly travels, I’ve often recommended the book Toltec Dreaming by Ken Eagle Feather. I resonate with his descriptions and details of the
various states and levels of dreaming from happenchance to those with more intention and direction. He also offers exercises to hone one’s gifts and talents.

The best I can offer is to take all that you read and hear, listen to your heart and take what resonates best for you.

Good luck with your writings, and looking forward to what you share with the world.

Thank you for listening to the Coast to Coast program, and I hope there was some helpful information.

Namaste, Monica

Coast to Coast Radio aftershow question for Monica Holy, author of 'Fringe Dweller on the Night Shift'

Submitted on 2010/07/11 at 2:11 pm

“What is the dreams message, Aunt who passed . .  .”

Dear Monica,

I am thrilled to be able to ask you this question!

My Aunt Retta passed in March 08.  She was 84 and matriarch of a dysfunction family, and supplemented incomes of at least 2 grown grandchildren, even though she was on a very small income herself and no savings. Some of them living with her. They are having a difficult time financially surviving since her passing and are at each others throats much of the time, all living in Auntie’s small mobile home.

She passed in her sleep at home, and had heart issues for years and was ready to go she had been saying, but it did come as a surprise.  She was not diagnosed to be passing any time soon.  She was a devout Christian, Seventh Day Adventist.

After she passed it felt like she was still here, like she was just in another place, in another room or something.  So I didn’t really mourn that much especially since I was assisting my Mother with her health issues, she passed 4 months later, they were sisters.

A couple of weeks ago I was having a morning dream about a house and it was colorful and supposedly it was my house, just not the one I live in now.

Out of the blue I notice coming out of a doorway into the room I was in and then stopping was my Aunt in a wheelchair (had never seen her in a wheelchair before) and a older woman I didn’t know pushing her.

It seemed totally unrelated to anything prior in this dream.  I stopped and looked at them, the lady pushing her seemed nice, white haired and nurse like.  She glanced at me with a slight smile and her face, made brief eye contact with me and then kind of looked away.  My Aunt, sitting in the wheelchair did not make eye contact, she looked confused, like someone who is lost.  I was thinking to myself in the dream, what is this about?  See if you can make figure out a meaning or message.

I started to continue in my dream, like leaving that dream or going into another area of this house (of mine?) and then thought “no, turn back, don’t leave yet, try again to see if they have a message for me”.  So I turned back and looked at them again, trying again to make eye contact with Auntie, then trying to get more from the woman behind her, that had pushed her into the room, but nothing.

So having felt there wasn’t anything more to extract from that situation, I turned and like left that area of the house, don’t remember anything after that.  Even though the rest of the dream was colorful, it didn’t seem they were, seemed in all white/grey tones, but that may have been white hair, pale skins and light colored clothes causing that effect.

It was a morning dream and was very clear to me when I woke up.  I don’t remember dreams very often. I haven’t been thinking about my Aunt very much which has actually seemed odd to me.  Much more with my Mother passing and praying for her soul, etc.

I would greatly appreciate hearing what you think this was about and what maybe I am suppose to do with it.  Thank you so much!

Love & Blessings,


Excerpt of painting Grey Wolf by Monica HolyHello Cindy,

First of all condolences with the passing of both your aunt and your mother. It sounds like you loved her very much to observe the dynamics of the relationship she had with those around her.

That’s quite a dream you had, and it may seem cryptic to you. I’ll try and offer some suggestions. You’re very aware of your emotions and your surroundings, so only take in what feels right to you.

For your aunt to be the matriarch, and still ‘supplement incomes’ of two grown grandchildren at her age, suggests she’s been ‘looking after and caring’ for others for a very long time. You say she herself said she ‘was ready to go’ for years. It sounds like she may have been very tired for years, yet still carried on.

You say it felt like your aunt was still there, perhaps in the house. She may well have been, either bound by duty to carry on ‘looking after’ even after passing, or simply out of love and lingering before moving on. It’s also not uncommon, when two people love each other deeply, that when one passes, the other doesn’t take long to follow suit. I’ve seen it many times.

The feeling you got that the house in your dream was yours, just not the one you recognize, says volumes. I encourage people to go with the feeling, the gist, the flavor of their dreams, and to listen with their heart more than they would with their ears in the waking reality.

To see your aunt in a wheelchair being pushed by another woman, may suggest that after all those years of looking after other people, someone was now looking after her. It doesn’t necessarily mean she was incapacitated, as once we return to spirit, we are again vibrant and full.

Yes she could have appeared to you vibrant and full to show you she was all right, however by appearing the way she did, made you take notice even more. Perhaps it was meant for you to see that she was looked after. Perhaps after all these years of observing her lifestyle, that was what was important to you, and therefore you got that message.

Now on the other hand, if your aunt didn’t make contact, looked confused and even lost, perhaps you were witness to her being taken care of in the ‘in-between’, after death, and before crossing over to the light. Either way, she is being watched over and guided, so perhaps take solace in that.

When you returned to the room, you felt ‘there wasn’t anything more to extract’. This shows you already observed the message you were meant to receive.

You are very insightful with your descriptions. Sometimes when we write down our dreams to the best of our ability, re-reading it later sheds further perspective on it.

You say you were also preoccupied with the passing of your Mother, and that you were praying for her soul etc. Perhaps your Aunt appearing to you in the way she did, also offers solace that somewhere your Mother is looked after, is vibrant, and doing just fine, even if you haven’t had a visitation with her yet.

You will know if any of this resonates, as you know yourself and your family best.

As I said , you are very observant, and insightful. Perhaps starting a dream journal will yield further information for yourself. I wish you all the best in your dream experiences, may they be joyful and rewarding!

I hope this helped, and thank you for sharing your story.

Namaste, Monica

Coast to Coast Radio aftershow comment for Monica Holy, author of 'Fringe Dweller on the Night Shift'Submitted on 2010/07/11 at 12:09 pm

“Coast to Coast AM”

I saw that you are going to be on Coast to Coast AM tonight. I will definately be tuning in, mostly to see if I can relate to what it is you do.

I never had a name for it before — I call it “Dream Walking”. I don’t help the dead though.

Looking forward to listening to you!



Excerpt of painting Grey Wolf by Monica HolyHello Shannon,

I’ve read and heard several people refer to these experiences by the name “Dream Walking”, so in that, you’re not alone. I use the name ‘Fringe Dweller’ because that is the name my spirit guides gave me in a dream.

I’ve had so many experiences since childhood, I still find myself describing events using my first names for them. It’s only recently I’ve started connecting with Quantum mechanics and other people’s terminology for things I’ve interacted in.

I’m happy to simply have the opportunity to share my experiences, with the hopes other people will feel less fear, and less isolated with their own experiences.

Even if you don’t ‘help the dead’, there is a wonderful world of interaction that’s possible and beneficial.

Thank you for listening to the show, and I hope you find some helpful information.

Namaste, Monica

Coast to Coast Radio aftershow comment for Monica Holy, author of 'Fringe Dweller on the Night Shift'Submitted on 2010/07/11 at 10:37 am


Just about every night, I go to war in my dreams. I’m constantly locked in combat with entities night after night. Just last night, I got in a fight with a thing that had the head of a cougar and a human skeleton body. I ended up throwing him out the window
of a skyscrapper.

But, these dreams don’t bother me. I look forward to going to bed. It’s really no big deal.


Excerpt of painting Grey Wolf by Monica HolyHello Vincent,

I don’t know enough about your circumstances, however I’ll offer the suggestions I can.

Many dreams we have are emotionally based, where we work out our ‘stuff’ from the day’s events. However it’s up to us to learn how to recognize and differentiate what is emotional, and what is ‘something else’. I’ve been experiencing things for so long, I can differentiate in the same way I can tell the difference between Chocolate and Vanilla ice cream.

Many people who have been warriors in previous lives, may continue doing ‘battle’ in the ‘sandbox’ of their dream state. When we are in our ethereal bodies, we can interact with spirit. I’ve been to schools on the other side, both as a student, and as a teacher.

There may be some influences from your waking reality that may carry over into your dream world. I find this helps me identify with the meanings of something without needing the narration of explanation of what’s going on. If you’ve ever seen the TV show Medium, the main character Alison Dubois, she sees her prophetic dreams involving bits that she is both familiar with , and those that she isn’t. It’s up to her, to decipher and discern what’s really going on.

My experiences are similar to those depicted in the show. For example, I’m a TV show and movie and comic book geek, so If I see George Clooney in my dreams trying to help someone, I know it’s in reference to Doctor because of a role I identify him with. This is how it works for me , I’ve learned by repetition what all the movie characters and comic book characters mean in my dreams. I take the flavor and the nuances to fill in the blanks of what’s going on. You might take a second look at your dreams from this perspective, to see if any of it fits for you, it may not.

It’s been said that the moles, or birthmarks we have visible on our bodies, is a sign of ‘wounds’ or injury during battles from previous lives. Many people remember doing battle in previous lives.

I myself, since a child always carried my backpack in my left hand, never switching it to my right, no matter how heavy it was. When teased in grade school about the quirk, and why I never switched over to my right to give my left arm a break, I answered without skipping a beat, and having no idea at the time where it came from- ‘That’s my shield arm, I need to keep my right free to hold a sword’. Yes….curious indeed…lol, yet there it was.

Now if you’re doing battle with dark energies of some sort, you must be doing all right! It looks like you have the ability to replace your fear with another emotion, thereby the dark energies can’t feed and grow from any fear off you. You also look forward to going to bed, it’s almost like a giant playground you get to go to, so it sounds like you’re doing just fine. I myself love ethereal paint ball, with glowing balls of colored energy emitting from my hands like Spiderman shooting his web. Well, that’s just me…lol.

Enjoy your time in the giant sandbox in your dream world, and perhaps just set your intention upon going to bed for a safe journey, and put out some protection for yourself that no harm will come to you there.

Thank you for sharing your experience, and I hope this was helpful.

Namaste, Monica

Coast to Coast Radio aftershow comment for Monica Holy, author of 'Fringe Dweller on the Night Shift'Submitted on 2010/07/11 at 10:34 am

“Coast to Coast”

Welcome (hug)… so i’m not alone in living in two ‘real’ realities…

I really enjoyed your interview… and btw… you were spot on with destiny and free will…

Spirit offered me your job too, but i decided against it…

Its funny how something so obvious to me and you is so overlooked by humanity… facinating…

I’ll tell you about demons if you like.

Next book?


Excerpt of painting Grey Wolf by Monica HolyHello Steven,

You are most definitely not alone, and judging from the overwhelming responses pouring in after Coast to Coast, far from it 🙂

I’m truly grateful to have the opportunity to share my experiences. By encouraging others to do so with their friends and family the awareness will grow, and hopefully remove some of the fears and stigma surrounding their experiences.

Thank you for telling me you understood what I was saying about destiny and free will. It can be a huge topic that yields much discussion. Many people aren’t ready to hear of their own accountability in circumstances, and choose the cycle of victim-hood of circumstance. To go even further to offer the idea that we attract or create our circumstances might have put things over the edge. 🙂

I always find radio a challenge, especially with such a broad subject.  I find many bits have the potential of falling through the cracks, and leave a lot to interpretation.I was beginning to have doubt, and that what I was trying to get across was becoming grossly misunderstood. Thank you again for writing and letting me know you got it. Whewwww!… 🙂

Too funny, you say you had decided against the ‘job’ of being a Fringe Dweller. Growing up I never knew there was a choice, and when I finally heard Sylvia Browne offer that there was a choice, well,…..you could have knocked me over with a feather! I started to chuckle at my own situation, but realized too, that for me, it was the right thing.

There’s no next book on the horizon yet,  this was a work of the heart, and we wanted others to feel less isolated in their experiences
than I had in mine. It’s all good.

However, being an artist, I’ve decided to branch out, and return to my love of comic/graphic novel art. I plan to create storyboards of my dream experiences, and post them on the website.

Feel free to share your stories about demons. It seems to be a surprise to people when I mention I have indeed encountered Dark Energies. It
seems to be a taboo subject. However, it doesn’t take away the fact that many of us have the experiences of them!

Remember to protect yourself, and have safe journeys!

Thank you for open sincerity, It’s been wonderful connecting with people this way.

Namaste, Monica

Coast to Coast Radio aftershow question for Monica Holy, author of 'Fringe Dweller on the Night Shift'Submitted on 2010/07/11 at 8:24 am

“Dream State”

When I’m almost asleep, I see moving scenes of people, places, animals, etc.

Is this anything similar to what you experience?

Can I develop these occurrences into something more as a person would develop a skill?

I look forward to listening to you on Coast to Coast.

Thanks very much,


Excerpt of painting Grey Wolf by Monica Holy

Hello Joe,

What you describe is exactly what I see, and yes, I believe you can work on developing these skills.

My skills grew as a result of continuous immersion into nightly experiences. Believe me, growing up I asked for ‘the manual’ every opportunity I could…lol!

I’ve often recommended the book, Toltec Dreaming: Don Juan’s Teachings on the Energy Body by Ken Eagle Feather, because I personally resonated with his experiences and descriptions.

I like to offer his perspective and exercises for anyone who is seriously looking to expand their dream journey’s. He goes into great detail to explain the various dream states, and their possible meanings.

I hope you enjoyed the Coast to Coast program, and thank you for listening.

You may also choose to check out other people’s similar queries that are answered on the website page of  Ask the Fringe Dweller.

I plan to compile everyone’s Coast to Coast responses in a special page, as the feedback is overwhelming, and a wonderful resource to share.

Thank you for writing in, I hope this was helpful,

Sincerely, the Fringe Dweller

Coast to Coast Radio aftershow question for Monica Holy, author of 'Fringe Dweller on the Night Shift'Submitted on 2010/07/11 at 6:09 am

“My Son Passed Away”

Hi Monica,

After my son died, I had a reading looking for closure, comfort, answers. She said my long dead dad was there for my son to guide him over Great!

But how was my dad there at the scene,at the exact time?Are we being watched over by deceased relatives?

I would love to think my son is working behind the scenes for his surviving sister Death of the young sucks. My bro was 28 when he died.


Excerpt of painting Grey Wolf by Monica HolyHello William,

‘Death of the young sucks’ indeed.I believe we are watched over by deceased relatives. My grandmother comes to me infrequently, and it’s always a warm breath of comfort when she does. I cherish those dreams.

Time and the ‘all knowing’ of something can sometimes be challenging for us to wrap our minds around and fully understand. Time on the ‘other side’ doesn’t seem to work in quite the same linear fashion as we in the waking reality here perceive it. We tend to see time as a train track, with point A at the start and point B towards the end, or ‘in the future’.

Quantum mechanics can shed some light and new perspective on this, however it can become more confusing the more you learn…lol.

For example, Sylvia Browne talks about her experience when her father passed, and being psychic didn’t seem to help her one bit when it came to connecting with her father after he’d passed. When she finally did ‘hear’ from him, what she thought was months, to him had seemed like mere moments.

If you’ve ever experienced a second in time, where you had an overwhelming feeling that you actually ‘got it’…an epiphany if you will, a momentary state of bliss where everything seemed to be connected, make sense, and have order…then you may understand the concept that
everything….everything…is ‘now’. Eckhart Tolle’s books and ‘The Power of Now’ and ‘A New Earth’ relays this quite nicely.

With this concept of time, now, and connectedness, it offers a possible  explanation of how your father was able to be there for your son to guide him over.

As for your son watching over your daughter, absolutely. We may just not recognize in what ways that might be. We may not be aware of something we don’t put our ‘focus’ on, however that doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.I can’t imagine the challenges you’ve faced losing your father, brother, and son. My heart goes out to you.

You may choose to check into authors like Wayne Dyer and Eckhart Tolle for their perspective on this topic as well.

Thank you for writing in, and I hope this helps,

Sincerely, the Fringe Dweller

Coast to Coast Radio aftershow question for Monica Holy, author of 'Fringe Dweller on the Night Shift'Submitted on 2010/07/11 at 4:45 am

“People that Appear in Dreams”

Sometimes in my dreams, I meet people that I have never seen before, yet they seem familiar.  I am wondering if the images of people from the distant past have somehow been implanted in my DNA.

In one dream, I ran into a young man that seemed to be working hard to torment me.  He seemed to be a recognizable example of evil. He also seemed familiar, but he was totally unknown to me in the physical waking world.

In other dreams, I have girl friends that I have never seen before.  They are totally unknown to me in the real world, and yet they pop up in dreams.  Can this be something drawn out of my ancestry?  I am seventy-one years old, and when I was younger rarely dreamed.

It may have a simple explanation, namely, a side effect from medicine.  Maybe my aging brain is starting to make up stories.

However, most of the dreams are quite rational and organized.  They are not jumbled, but do seem to continue on with a single theme.  Not as as
you might expect a dream to unfold.  When I wake up, the feelings associated with the dream linger on.

Do you have any insight into this type of thing?

When I dream, it is often very real and emotional.  As I mentioned,I believe an explanation might have something to do with my genetic blueprint.  It is very difficult to describe the content of my dreams because they take place in unknown locations and are often more feelings that anything else.  The emotions that these dreams elicit are certainly real.


Excerpt of painting Grey Wolf by Monica HolyHello Jerry,

I can relate exactly to what you are describing, in reference to meeting people you have never seen before, however they seem familiar. I’ve had countless themed dreams like that. It can be frustrating, because on some level, you know you recognize them.

I like Sylvia Browne’s theory from Other Side and Back: A Psychic’s Guide to Our World and Beyond that we tend to re-incarnate with the same souls, interchanging our blue print to offer each other the opportunity for growth. For example, someone who was your child in a previous lifetime, may now be your spouse, or boss, or friend etc. Gender has nothing to do with it. In one lifetime they may offer us the experience of unconditional love, and in yet another, perhaps conflict.

Consider the concept of the courage it would take for a soul to agree to provide the conflict, or torment in your incarnation this time round. Most people choose to see only what the direct circumstance is as a result in their own life, and not what the other person’s challenges are.

I’m not condoning negative behavior here, just providing a theory of thought. This whole theory certainly leaves much to speculation and debate, however it does provide food for thought. I’ve had dream experiences where even though the ‘image’ of the person is completely different, the ‘essence’ of someone I know in this lifetime is present.

As for side effects from medicine, I’m sure there can be influences. One example, if a side effect is to ‘relax’, then by simply being in that stress free state, it may enable you to sleep better, and enter a lucid dream state.

You may also now be in a different state of awareness from when you were younger. I’m sure you have seen and experienced much in this world.
Perhaps this is why you now dream more. As for your aging brain making up stories, I think that could be true at any age…lol!  Just think of children’s limitless imaginings because they haven’t been told that something isn’t ‘true’, or ‘that’s not possible’.

Your dreams do sound quite linear, consider that a bonus, as many people’s experiences aren’t so ‘organized’. Perhaps keeping a notebook by
your bedside will enable you to jot down all the elements that linger as you awake.

Our dreams can be very emotional, I find in many cases they are more intense in feeling, with the colour, smell, and sounds well beyond things I’ve experienced in the waking reality, certainly different at the very least!

As for locations, curiously enough, I kept dreaming over and over again of a specific geographic region, however, in each case, it was a different time period. Even more curious, I simply ‘knew’ it to be a region I spent each summer with my parents growing up in this lifetime. It’s almost ‘haunted’ me to know something so intimately, yet not able to pinpoint exactly it’s meaning. Somewhat frustrating, so I understand I only need to accept it. Perhaps someday it’s meaning will become clear. I’ve learned that a term given to this phenomenon is ‘Land Memory’. Yes, I’d have to agree, the feelings, and emotions our dreams elicit are certainly real.

I hope this helps, and may all your journey’s in dream time be safe and joyous ones!

Sincerely, the Fringe Dweller

Coast to Coast Radio aftershow comment for Monica Holy, author of 'Fringe Dweller on the Night Shift'Submitted on 2010/07/09 at 4:34 pm

“Your Artwork”

Hello Monica,

I came across your website for the very first time through A.M. Coast to Coast (George Noory).

I liked what I saw, especially your artwork.
I was moved to tears while reading the story that went with “Love’s Light”. How beautiful this one is.

I have been told by one of my spirit guides that I am a Dreamwalker, but I have never done any Dreamwalking work.
I would like to say how glad I am to have discovered your website.  Keep up the commendable work you do.

Bless you,Sincerely,


Excerpt of painting Grey Wolf by Monica HolyHello Sylvia,

Thank you for your kind words. I’m truly glad you enjoyed the artwork. Expressing my dream life in an art form was the initial purpose before the book was ever thought of.

When I asked the Universe what was it that I was supposed to do with all my diverse talents and experiences, the answer that came back was ‘to get the artwork of your dream life out there to the public, detachment from the outcome. Well that certainly unfolded, as a lot of the focus is currently on the ‘what I do’, and not so much on the artwork itself, however I know things happen for a reason, ‘it’s all good’.

So thank you for sharing that you enjoyed the artwork, and the connection you made to it.

The name ‘Dreamwalker’ is coming up more and more now from people writing in. I’m glad people are sharing their stories, it does indeed show how one is not alone in these experiences.

Who knows, perhaps even if you aren’t aware, or remember upon waking, you already work on ‘the Night Shift’.

Thank you for writing in,

Sincerely, the Fringe Dweller


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