What is a Psychic Imprint?

Nicole Chayka is the co-author of the paranormal book 'Fringe Dweller on the Night Shift'Luckily I’d heard of such things, because when I experienced such a thing, it had the subtlety of a space ship landing on your house.  If you ever run across a Psychic Imprint there will be no doubt of it even if it’s your first time.

It was early on at the turn of this new century as I went for a stroll with a dear friend of  mine who calls himself ‘the Wise Wizard’.  Peter and I used to enjoy going for a stretch along Jericho beach in Vancouver, Canada to ground ourselves and catch up on each others lives.  He was always a great sounding board, and the first to chuckle at one of my few fears in life, dying in a fire or by drowning.  He was quick to share that he had a flash of me in former lives and it was little wonder WHY those two haunted me. Don’t get me wrong.  I’m not afraid of death per say, but the ‘how to’ part might be problematic as I don’t find myself attracted to pain.  Past lives have a way sometimes of leaving an emotional mark in this one and I’d had many an unpleasant ‘end’ as a Witch or Healer or ‘Woman of the Woods’ when it was less than popular to be one.  Thank goodness we don’t stone Naturopaths or Herbalists in this day and age.

N’way, we were strolling along taking in the sun and surf when it felt like a wall of emotion ‘gob smacked’ me in my tracks.  I had the distinct impression of fear, panic, desperation as though I was in peril. I pointed to some shrubbery where a large rock was present and said, ‘There.  That’s where it happened. I felt like I was dragged in there.”

To my utter astonishment my companion answered back in agreement. “I was overwhelmed with the urge to sexually assault you.  To drag you into those bushes”  Even though his comments sounded predatory I wasn’t worried or offended because we were both psychics, and we both understood that what we’d experienced was an example of an imprint, but from two very different points of view.  I had taken in the extreme emotions imprinted on the natural environment from the victim’s stand point while my friend had experienced the echo of the stalker.  Echoes are not the same as your own emotions and having had plenty of run-ins with other people’s feelings I could differentiate like a 5 year old can tell chocolate from strawberry ice cream.  Advantage goes to the Empath.

A psychic imprint then is an echo of an emotion, an emotional memory of an event that occurred by those who experienced it. The natural environment almost acts like a sponge recording and playing back that energy.  I don’t believe it can hurt you although it can shock or frighten the heck out of you if you didn’t know what it is, or when it’s coming.  More than likely you can expect to pick up on places that witnessed great tragedy as obvious sources of unexplained outbursts of emotional energy, however great joy and love can also imprint an area.

To review, any intense emotional charge can have this effect so be forewarned that just going into the bedroom of the average North American teenager may lead to bursts of emotional drama. (grin)  Yes, that was a joke.  For those of you who still have adolescent children at home….good luck with that.

For the rest of us, if you pass by an area and inexplicably find yourself shaken with intense emotions that aren’t your own, there’s a very good chance you just experienced your first psychic imprint. Inhale-Exhale.  Just breathe, and leave. Whatever happened is in the past so say a little prayer such as the protective affirmation “All that is not mine, please leave” with conviction, and go on with your day knowing you caught wind of some echoes wafting through time.

Namaste, Nicole


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  1. 1

    on December 21st, 2010 at 4:34 pm

    […] these psychic imprints can be considered paranormal, they are not necessarily produced by departed spirits. They are […]

  2. 2
    Jessica Schattenburg said,

    on February 25th, 2011 at 6:28 pm

    Hello Monica,

    I just wanted to say thank you for your explanation of a psychic imprint. I was struggling to explain an experience I had earlier this week and when I found your article I was like “that is exactly what happened”.

    I was driving on the freeway and I came upon an accident just before the paramedics arrived. A woman had jumped from the overpass on to the freeway. I knew immediately she was dead but I had no idea she had taken her own life. I assumed she was in a car accident. I continued on just realizing there was nothing that I could do for her except move out of the way and allow the fire and ambulance vehicles through that I could hear coming up behind me. Then right when I went under the overpass I started sobbing, shaking and was overwhelmed with a sense of deep deep confusion, regret, pain and suffering.

    I described it to my husband as if I were strike by a ball of fire, a physical force that carried the emotions in to my body. Only later did I learn it had been a suicide. I also received a message of sorts but I don’t know exactly what to do with it.

    People will think I am crazy if I try to explain what happened.

    I just wondered if you had any insight on to move past this experience. I have been extremely distraught and I am literally afraid to drive back to the overpass or the under the freeway and it happened on the exit to my house so this is a problem!!

    My whole life I have had “good intuition” have gotten what I always call “bad vibes” etc. People have always marveled at how “intuitive” I can be as to their emotional states, changes in their lives present or upcoming. I have never really put a name on it or talked to anyone about it, just accepted it as part of who I am.

    I guess I am just struggling with do you embrace this and consider it a gift or hope to hell it never happens to you again?

    Thank you…

  3. 3
    Monica said,

    on March 7th, 2011 at 9:59 am

    Hi Jessica,

    My co-author Nicole (who is an Empath), wrote this article, so here’s her response to your incredible experience, and remember, no matter how isolated you may feel, you are not alone in your experience. 🙂

    “Hi Jessica,

    It’s always sad to hear that someone was so distraught, and felt so hopeless that taking their own life seemed their only respite. What is sadder for me is the knowledge that their tragic feelings follow them when they Cross Over so they haven’t escaped their emotional despair at all. Our feelings in some ways are more real then our physical bodies in that this is the one aspect of ourselves that we do… take with us.

    Your gift is non refundable. 🙂

    That is to say you can’t – not be who or what you are. You can however learn to Ground yourself everyday, or whenever you feel the need to separate yourself from someone else’s intense state. As to whether or not you embrace your experiences completely depends on how you choose to frame it. I see ‘Perception’ as just another aspect of my being that is neither good nor bad. It just is. Ultimately if you avoid what makes you afraid your world will start shrinking bit by bit, so I suggest NLP if you are fearful of going back to the overpass. Associations are something that we make and so we can also unmake for ourselves.

    I’ve always found that embracing what is and studying it- trumped dreading it – so I encourage you to read up on Clairsentience and being empathic since these seem to be your gifts. Consider this knowledge to be part of the ‘Tool Box’ of your life that will help you navigate future experiences when it happens (not if).

    Remember to ground yourself, …and breath. 🙂

    Namaste, Nicole”

  4. 4
    Matt Fraser said,

    on June 28th, 2012 at 6:25 pm

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  5. 5
    Monica said,

    on July 1st, 2012 at 1:41 pm

    Thanks Matt, and keep up the good work yourself!

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