“I Go to War In My Dreams”

Coast to Coast Radio aftershow paranormal question for Monica Holy, psychic, artist and author of 'Fringe Dweller on the Night Shift'Coast to Coast Radio with host Ian Punnet in a paranormal discussion with psychic, artist Monica Holy, author of 'Fringe Dweller on the Night Shift'Submitted on 2010/07/11 at 10:37 am


Just about every night, I go to war in my dreams. I’m constantly locked in combat with entities night after night. Just last night, I got in a fight with a thing that had the head of a cougar and a human skeleton body. I ended up throwing him out the windowof a skyscraper.

But, these dreams don’t bother me. I look forward to going to bed. It’s really no big deal.


Excerpt of painting 'Grey Wolf' by Psychic, artist Monica Holy, author of 'Fringe Dweller on the Night Shift'Hello Vincent,

I don’t know enough about your circumstances, however I’ll offer the suggestions I can.

Many dreams we have are emotionally based, where we work out our ‘stuff’ from the day’s events. However it’s up to us to learn how to recognize and differentiate what is emotional, and what is ‘something else’. I’ve been experiencing things for so long, I can differentiate in the same way I can tell the difference between Chocolate and Vanilla ice cream.

Many people who have been warriors in previous lives, may continue doing ‘battle’ in the ‘sandbox’ of their dream state. When we are in our ethereal bodies, we can interact with spirit. I’ve been to schools on the other side, both as a student, and as a teacher.

There may be some influences from your waking reality that may carry over into your dream world. I find this helps me identify with the meanings of something without needing the narration of explanation of what’s going on. If you’ve ever seen the TV show Medium ,  the main character Alison Dubois, she sees her prophetic dreams involving bits that she is both familiar with , and those that she isn’t. It’s up to her, to decipher and discern what’s really going on.

My experiences are similar to those depicted in the show. For example, I’m a TV show and movie and comic book geek, so If I see George Clooney in my dreams trying to help someone, I know it’s in reference to Doctor because of a role I identify him with. This is how it works for me , I’ve learned by repetition what all the movie characters and comic book characters mean in my dreams. I take the flavor and the nuances to fill in the blanks of what’s going on. You might take a second look at your dreams from this perspective, to see if any of it fits for you, it may not.

It’s been said that the moles, or birthmarks we have visible on our bodies, is a sign of ‘wounds’ or injury during battles from previous lives. Many people remember doing battle in previous lives.

I myself, since a child always carried my backpack in my left hand, never switching it to my right, no matter how heavy it was. When teased in grade school about the quirk, and why I never switched over to my right to give my left arm a break, I answered without skipping a beat, and having no idea at the time where it came from- ‘That’s my shield arm, I need to keep my right free to hold a sword’. Yes….curious indeed…lol, yet there it was.

Now if you’re doing battle with Dark Energies of some sort, you must be doing all right! It looks like you have the ability to replace your fear with another emotion, thereby the dark energies can’t feed and grow from any fear off you. You also look forward to going to bed, it’s almost like a giant playground you get to go to, so it sounds like you’re doing just fine. I myself love ethereal paint ball, with glowing balls of colored energy emitting from my hands like Spiderman shooting his web. Well, that’s just me…lol.

Enjoy your time in the giant sandbox in your Dream World, and perhaps just set your intention upon going to bed for a safe journey, and put out some protection for yourself that no harm will come to you there.

Thank you for sharing your experience, and I hope this was helpful.

Namaste, Monica


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    Linda said,

    on September 12th, 2012 at 10:15 pm

    I too have been mesmerized about the meaning of dreams. I also happen to dream during daylight, and I am wide awake. It seems too good to imagine it. Especially when in my teen years. Like a I was a princess fighting off the dragon. 🙂 But when I reached the adult stage, I try to find some guy who is a warrior who would save me. And in reality, I am just a simple girl who wants to have a decent job and family whom I considered a warrior like in terms of discipline and happily having time to share each dreams. I am now a contented mother and wife.

    Linda´s last blog post ..How to Identify Your Skin Mole

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