“So I’m Not Alone in Living in Two Realities”

Coast to Coast Radio aftershow paranormal comment for Monica Holy, psychic, artist and author of 'Fringe Dweller on the Night Shift'Submitted on 2010/07/11 at 10:34 am

“Coast to Coast”

Welcome (hug)… so i’m not alone in living in two ‘real’ realities…

I really enjoyed your interview… and btw… you were spot on with destiny and free will…

Spirit offered me your job too, but i decided against it…

Its funny how something so obvious to me and you is so overlooked by humanity… facinating…

I’ll tell you about demons if you like.

Next book?


Excerpt of painting 'Grey Wolf' by Psychic, artist Monica Holy, author of 'Fringe Dweller on the Night Shift'Hello Steven,

You are most definitely not alone, and judging from the overwhelming responses pouring in after Coast to Coast far from it 🙂

I’m truly grateful to have the opportunity to share my experiences. By encouraging others to do so with their friends and family the awareness will grow, and hopefully remove some of the fears and stigma surrounding their experiences.

Thank you for telling me you understood what I was saying about Destiny and Free Will. It can be a huge topic that yields much discussion. Many people aren’t ready to hear of their own accountability in circumstances, and choose the cycle of victim-hood of circumstance. To go even further to offer the idea that we attract or create our circumstances might have put things over the edge. 🙂

I always find radio a challenge, especially with such a broad subject.  I find many bits have the potential of falling through the cracks, and leave a lot to interpretation.I was beginning to have doubt, and that what I was trying to get across was becoming grossly misunderstood. Thank you again for writing and letting me know you got it. Whewwww!… 🙂

Too funny, you say you had decided against the ‘Job’ of being a Fringe Dweller. Growing up I never knew there was a choice, and when I finally heard Sylvia Browne offer that there was a choice, well,…..you could have knocked me over with a feather! I started to chuckle at my own situation, but realized too, that for me, it was the right thing.

There’s no next book on the horizon yet,  this was a work of the heart, and we wanted others to feel less isolated in their experiences
than I had in mine. It’s all good.

However, being an artist, I’ve decided to branch out, and return to my love of comic/graphic novel art. I plan to create storyboards of my dream experiences, and post them on the website.

Feel free to share your stories about demons. It seems to be a surprise to people when I mention I have indeed encountered Dark Energies. It
seems to be a taboo subject. However, it doesn’t take away the fact that many of us have the experiences of them!

Remember to protect yourself, and have safe journeys!

Thank you for open sincerity, It’s been wonderful connecting with people this way.

Namaste, Monica


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