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Fringe Dweller Book Review by ‘The Caretaker’ of True Ghost Tales


September 12, 2009

I am reading a very interesting book about a woman, who through lucid dreaming, makes contact with the spirits of the dead who need help and guidance to go on to the ‘other side’. I have done extensive research with lucid dreams and found the book to be fascinating enough because the author talks about them but when I realized that she actually made contact with “ghosts” and helped to guide them I was hooked.

Imagine being able to help those who cannot accept their fate or find their way on to the next “level”!

Fringe Dweller Book Review By Theresa Welsh “The Seeker”

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September 29, 2009

5.0 out of 5 stars


Monica Holy “lets it all hang out” in this highly personal memoir of her life as an astral traveler, warping though other dimensions, performing healing and rescue on the “night shift.” In doing so, she either touches you with the sincerity of her words, or reading these stories, so far from ordinary experience, may leave you wondering if she is simply a nut job.

Her descriptions of the other realms fit with reports of other astral wanderers, but her activities cover a larger range than is usual with such accounts. The author acknowledges that her paranormal experiences don’t seem to fit any of the usual labels – medium, psychic, shaman, mystic, etc. It was her guides (astral beings) who called her a “fringe-dweller,” and that is the label she prefers. She tells us she began to sense other dimensions from an early age, but she grew up in a place (small Canadian town) where there was no information about paranormal happenings. Because she did not know about others like herself, she could not place herself in some niche of normality. She was left with the feeling that she was not like those around her; she was different. But as she took on the duties of a rescuer during nighttime sleep, she became aware of others like herself. She wrote this book to let others having similar experiences know that they are not alone.

Even if you are not aware of going to other dimensions in your sleep, Holy’s book is still a good read. Each chapter describes aspects of her experiences and each is accompanied by an artistic depiction (the author’s own art work) of what she has seen and felt. She is not unique in the belief that we visit the astral world in our sleep, or that we receive help from spirit guides. One of the stranger tales is that her work on the “night shift” is an actual job, which came with a “contract” to perform these duties. But even this idea reminds me of the stories in the works of Brazilian medium Francisco Xavier. In particular, in the books “Nosso Lar” and “The Messengers.” The near-earth astral world is apparently structured much like ours. Those who go there after death do find themselves with jobs to perform. This first stop is a way station, and they remain there only for a while.

The author does not claim to know all about life after death, and only tells us what she has seen and felt. She tells us that we have multiple lives and they are all happening together, at least in other dimensions that do not function like our material world. As you go beyond the first astral layer, you become lighter and capable of traveling huge distances in an instant. The author visits Mars and looks down on the remains of an ancient civilization. This, during a break from her duties (not your usual coffee break!). Although she emphasizes that love is what ultimately makes the universe (didn’t you always know that “love makes the world go round…” ), there are also dark places in the astral world. Spirits do not always find the light; some are mired in their own darkness and will need help to move on. If you want to know more about astral travel, look into the works of Robert Monroe.

The author does not talk about God, but rather calls the creation point the Source. The many dimensions are held in what she calls the “grid” which she has seen or perceived on a few occasions. It is literally made of a web of energy. It is interesting to me that in these accounts of the world of spirit, people do not say they see God, but do say they see many spirit entities who are all around us. Holy gave me some new concepts too – the “push-thought” (influencing a living person by pushing helpful thoughts to them) and the “jump-in” (occupying their consciousness for a brief time in order to provide immediate help).

Are the experiences this author describes “real,” or are they hallucinations or some type of mental illness? She tells us she has worked with counselors who have declared her mentally healthy. Her descriptions are not unlike other astral travelers, so unless you think all such experiences are bogus, I suggest taking her descriptions at face value. Have you never had dreams that seem more than silly fantasies woven around the day’s events? Have you never gotten a message that seemed to come from somewhere outside yourself? Modern science does not accept the legitimacy of the spirit world, so it does not know what to do with spirit communication except label it as “crazy.” I cannot say for sure what these experiences are or what they mean, but I personally do not think they represent mental aberration. Monica Holy has let us into her most personal experiences, and, regardless of your final conclusion about them, they add to our store of knowledge about who we truly are.

Fringe Dweller Book Review by Martine Bilodeau

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October 21, 2009

5.0 out of 5 stars

This book is absolutely fascinating! The author’s teachings on intuition and positive/negative energy management, via her life stories, offer an excellent alternative to businesspeople like me, in a world where we don’t know who to rely on any more.

If you find it difficult to engage in your own life, because of the complexity and lack of spirits in today’s work, finances, and relationships, this is a book for you.  Artists, and anyone interested in metaphysics will find a lot of new resources in this book. It is refreshing to finally read something that is not just a new interpretation of what has been written before.

I am finding in the author’s interpretation of her paranormal experiences many tools to understand day-to-day life. This is not a how-to book, but rather a very intelligent, and well-written description of her journey into her dreams. That makes it more interesting, human, and unpretentious. Dreams, as a tool to understand our reality is nothing new, but the way the author selflessly exposes her experiences in understanding her paranormal life in the dream world, is definitely inspiring.

Her accomplishments in guiding people’s spirits across and the way she shares her understanding of her work, makes defining work and one’s life mission much more meaningful. It offers a concept that is much more tangible than what I have heard of before, and it helps one’s move beyond money and material worries, without taking us away from staying on top of business. It adds a new dimension to spirituality.

In her book, Fringe Dweller on the Night Shift, Monica Holy is leading the way into a new understanding of the afterlife. Well worth the money and the read! I have been recommending it to all my friends.

Fringe Dweller Book Review by Julie Clayton “New Consciousness Review”


November 15, 2009

5.o out of 5 stars

Authentic and Brave Revelation

It’s a sign of the times that a book like this has been published by a large publishing house. The author, Monica Holy, is an ordinary woman and yet she has extraordinary abilities to move through alternative states of consciousness. She accesses these other states primarily through the dream state, and Fringe Dweller is her attempt to describe how she assists people from within this state who are both living and passed, or passing. She calls herself “an afterlife paramedic” since she is usually called to intervene in situations that are urgent, with no forewarning and no one to explain what is required or to translate the non-ordinary into something that she can understand.

After decades of not understanding her bizarre but innate nocturnal events, and on the edge of collapse, Holy found some direction and mentoring in the physical plane to get her re-grounded. Once she accepted her gifts and reoriented her purpose, guides and “co-workers” from her dream state introduced lessons and schooling for navigating through astral realities during, which continue to this day.

This book is an authentic and brave revelation; the author pioneers a landscape that is unfamiliar to most of us, but that we suspect exists in some form. In this regard, it is human consciousness that is now on the fringe of understanding more fully, thanks to Monica Holy.


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