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'Fringe Dweller on the Night Shift' Paranormal PJ Party book launch October 2009_PC Monica HolyIt can be hard to remember that “all is divinely perfect, and is as it should be”, when you’re throwing a Book Launch Party with no books.

After four long years of insanity getting Fringe Dweller from A to Z (meaning an idea stuck in my head, to that physical thing you can hold in your hands), no books. Welcome to my world, or rather my sandbox. Not the kind the cats go in, most of the time. The kind that wonderful and creative things happen in, spontaneously, if only you trust.

It’s a good thing I have an ironic sense of humour, and have had lots of practice learning to trust, or I might have been less gracious.  As it was, I laughed. Ah well. I believe you take what action you can, but then don’t berate yourself for the things outside your control.

From the ashes of chaos came the most fantastic experience. My friends came over to help celebrate and lord knows I owe  them for putting up with me these past few years – so the wine and sushi were flowing that night (it IS Vancouver after all.)   My partner and fellow author did a brief reading, and then we all stood around in our fuzzy slippers and PJ’s taking turns sharing our personal metaphysical stories.

You see, we decided that PJ’s were to be the theme of choice because I am after all a ‘lucid dreamer’ and the Night Shift stories happen when I’m asleep, so it seemed apropos.   Besides, it was laundry day.

What Magic!  Open Mic nite of the Paranormal unfolded as naturally as two bar flies trying to pick each other up after last call.  It was beautiful.  Like everyone had been sitting on some gigantic secret egg and finally the time was ripe to hatch.  It was like a load had been lifted.  I expected two or three stories to be told, but more than half of the group had an experience to share, and it was clear they felt relieved to have a safe environment for it.

So I want to present the following suggestion.  Throw a Paranormal PJ Party in your town – books are optional!  It’s a great theme and you can even hand out gifts for the wildest ensemble.  ‘Martha Stewart’ the theme as much as you like, but remember the point is to create dialogue.  Isn’t it time we all came out of the psychic closet? Maybe paranormal IS normal?  Oh, and by the way, if you do decide to host a party… pleeeease write in and let me know how it went.

Dream on, the Fringe Dweller


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