“How can I Open up to the Gifts I Strongly Feel are Within Me?”

'Ask the Fringe Dweller' Blog Question for Monica Holy author of 'Fringe Dweller on the Night Shift'Submitted on 2010/04/18/ at 5:25 pm

Since I was a child, I have experienced “strange” events, ranging from contact with non-human entities to psychic connections leading to learning to read Tarot to talking with dead people and helping people to die.

I feel, however, that I have been very bottled up and that what I have experienced is the smallest amount that has been able to get through. I often feel as though an iron door slams shut whenever I begin to open up. Have you any suggestions that can help me open up to what I strongly feel is really within me?

Thank you, and I love your book!


Excerpt of painting 'Grey Wolf' by Psychic, artist Monica Holy, author of 'Fringe Dweller on the Night Shift'Hi Samantha,

I’m glad you like the Fringe Dweller book!

Now in answer to your query, I can say this, because I’ve done it myself. Sometimes the wanting and willingness impedes the allowing of gifts to emerge.

I found myself feeling frustrated whenever I heard Wayne Dyer say “Let go, and let God”. However once I started working with my mentor Carolyn Long, I realized the wisdom in such phrases, because as I let go of the desire for results, things began to unfold naturally.

In the post ‘I’ve had Light for Healing…’ I mention “Many times there are so many circles ‘of life stuff’ that are constantly spinning, there’s no ‘break’ in the cycle for anything new to take hold.”

That said, I also recognize the opposite. There is truth in the phrase “God/Creator/The Universe only gives  you what you are able to handle”.

These are two example of what you may be dealing with. You’ll have to reflect within yourself what resonates truthfully.

I’ve gone into detail in posts such as “Why is Psychic Work such a Roller Coaster Ride”, describing the slow periods vs the chaos of activity. In “Am I Opening a Door I’m not Ready for” I talk about grounding, and protection so that you have tools to assist you in not feeling overwhelmed by strange activity that may flood through the gates.

I’ve spoken about my experience with ‘the art of allowing’. It may sound simple, however when in the moment, thinking without drawing conclusions, that can roll into judgment, and potentially result in not meeting the expectations you drew from your conclusions of how the experience should unfold  … can very much impede the natural flow and unfolding of the experience itself. I understand that might sound strange, however as I said, it has been my experience that during every moment of an experience, the more I simply observe, the broader the experience becomes.

The most beautiful explanation I’ve come across so far is from  The Lazy Man’s Guide to Enlightenment by Tahddeus Golas:

“Music teaches us how to maintain pleasure and ecstasy. Normally we tend to think of a moment of euphoric realization as unbearable and impossible to continue. It slips away and then we pursue it again. It does so because we are unwilling to let it go, but if we take the example of music, letting go of one note to hear the next, then our pleasure can be constant through the vibrations change.”

I hope this helps, and may you have wonderful positive experiences unfold!

Sincerely, the Fringe Dweller


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