“I was Trained to Astral Project and Work with the Dead”

'Ask the Fringe Dweller' Paranormal comments and testimonials for psychic, artist Monica Holy, author of 'Fringe Dweller on the Night Shift'Submitted on 2009/12/19 at 5:09 am

Hello Monica,

I’m completely amazed right now … reading about what you do ….. because I do
the same thing! Well … it’s similar. I was trained by a Native American Shaman
as a child to astral project and work with the dead as you do. I can also do it lucid .. and I think it’s very similar .. if not the same thing.

Wow! I’m so happy to know someone else is doing this! There are so many people that need help!

Thank you so much for making me feel not so alone.


Excerpt of painting 'Grey Wolf' by Psychic, artist Monica Holy, author of 'Fringe Dweller on the Night Shift'Hello Valerie,

Thank you for your kind words. How incredible to be trained by a Native Shaman!  It’s wonderful to hear that this type of teaching exists.

I couldn’t be happier from all the responses that say the book Fringe Dweller on the Night Shift has helped people in not feeling so alone.

And yes, there are so many people that need help, and it’s good to hear of other ‘Fringe Dwellers’ out there. Blessings to all your offerings in your dream journeys.

Sincerely, The Fringe Dweller


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