“I was Taken Up to the Sky”

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Submitted on 2009/12/18 at 4:35 pm

Dear Monica:

I have had so many experiences that I do not fully understand but one that is pertinent to you is as follows:

I was taken up to the sky somewhere into a cave like structure or enclosure. I was hovering above the whole scene where I saw myself, in the center of the room lying on a bed made of stone or stones about three feet tall with several beings around me bending over me apparently working on me… with a strong and intense sense of urgency. I am fully aware of what they are doing to me and I know without a doubt they are trying to restore something in me that I had lost or killed off or something.

Then someone – a real person – entered the cave like dwelling and asked what was going on…, the answer came from no one in particular that this group was trying to restore me because I had been so negative for a period of time that my whole energy system was off and not working right.  This real person joined in with the other beings and began working on me with them. I do not remember what happened after that but I do remember the message loud and clear about being negative…

This felt so real to me Monica. What do you think happened to me?

What had I lost that they were restoring?  Or what was it I killed by being negative?
Any input from you would be so greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance,


Excerpt of painting 'Grey Wolf' by Psychic, artist Monica Holy, author of 'Fringe Dweller on the Night Shift'Hello Sandra,

It appears you’ve received a gift in the form of insight from your Higher Self.  There are many people who don’t remember their dream experiences. It felt so real to you …because it was. To remember in such depth  gives you a new awareness of something, that you now have the power to change. Only you truly know what the negative factor in your recent past might be. You are now in a position to become the ‘Observer of yourself’. I want to clarify here that I’m not talking about judgment, simply observing the words and actions occupying your life. Once you identify them, you can change them for the positive. Many times we are so taken up with our daily ‘stuff’, that we ignore the early signals that we’re on a path of self destruction. Eventually, these ‘symptoms’ of disease will become evident in our body as disease. Both Dr. Wayne Dyer and Deepak Chopra go into great lengths of how ‘negativity’ can affect us. A wonderful book I’ve recommended often is  The Four Agreements: A Practical Guide to Personal Freedom, A Toltec Wisdom Book by Don Miguel Ruiz who goes into detail about how we tend to perceive things, and how we can change that. Thought is energy. We need to observe our beliefs, the thoughts and daydreams that are prayers answered by Source without judgment. These litanies shape our experience. So take care and be aware of what you think.

Sincerely, The Fringe Dweller


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