“I hear Voices during my Lucid Dreaming and OBE”

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Hi Monica 🙂

I have a question for you about a recent experience of mine.  Throughout my life I have had many intuitive or “paranormal” (for lack of a better word) experiences such as knowing things before they happen, seeing/sensing spirits, and having lucid dreams, but they have all been widely interspersed through the years (I’m 22 now) and fairly infrequent.  I had my first OBE at 17 and another last year.

I began listening to these hypnotic trance CDs about two weeks ago that have really been putting me into a deep state every time I listen to them, and ever since I have been experiencing lucid dreaming almost every other night, including intense flying dreams, and last week I had another OBE.  It’s funny, because the CDs are only meant to bring you into more of an abundance mentality, but it seems like they have opened up more channels for me.

What’s most interesting is the experience that I had while I was out of body.  It started with a dream, then I was flying over the ocean, (in the most conscious, lucid state I have ever experienced while dreaming) then I was floating barely a foot above my body in bed and feeling myself out of my body and yet I could feel my limbs buzzing at the same time.  Here’s the weird part: as I was laying there, I suddenly heard this voice.  And we’re not talking like dream-hearing, where you know you heard it but it doesn’t really make any sound.  No, I heard this with my ears.  It was almost like picking up static from a radio frequency.

The first thing the voice said was a long string of numbers and letters, something similar to: “M41IYIYIYIYIY.”  Then it spoke a couple of sentences in English, but get this: I couldn’t comprehend it.  I heard each word, recognized it as an English word, knew that the sentence should make sense, but as hard as I tried I simply could not put any meaning to the words, and had no idea what he was saying.  Then, it gets stranger: I heard MY voice respond – with another sentence I couldn’t comprehend – but I wasn’t trying to say anything back.  I get the feeling it wasn’t me, it just was my voice somehow.  Then the other voice responded, and I heard, clear as day: “can you hear me?”

This was the first time I actually felt like the voice was “aware” of me, so to speak, and was actually addressing ME, floating/laying there, and I could understand what he was saying.  The impression that I got was that it was surprised by my hearing it.  I tried to respond with a simple “yes,” but without meaning to I was trying to speak with my lips, rather than just thinking it, and I felt my lips move but all that came out was this long garbled noise like you would hear if someone tried to talk underwater, and my attempting to physically move is what I think snapped me out of it and back into my body.  As I lay there, the voices literally went quiet around me and the silence in the room grew SO loud.  I’ve never experienced anything like that before.

So my question is, do you have any idea what the voices could have been or what I was hearing/tuning in to?

I understand if you can’t respond but if you do I really appreciate it!  Thanks.  🙂


Excerpt of painting 'Grey Wolf' by Psychic, artist Monica Holy, author of 'Fringe Dweller on the Night Shift'Dear Tien,

Well it certainly sounds like you had quite the OBE (out of body experience)!  I understand how challenging it can be to describe such an event to others who haven’t had a similar experience. Somehow, the depth of the supernatural feeling never seems to get expressed quite the way we wish it could. That’s when the English language with ‘words’ seems somehow cumbersome. It can be very frustrating. You did very well, I can relate to a lot of what you described!

Let me start off, who or what exactly the voices were, I can’t tell you specifically. Perhaps a guide, another spirit, your own higher self, the possibilities are many.   I can however offer information that may lead  you to finding out.  I hope you’ll bare with me.

If you’ve already had similar OBE and Astral Dream experiences, you are likely of a ‘sensitive’ nature. Like most psychics, that means any methods of deep relaxation can increase the likelihood of deeper experiences- you’ll find yourself going further ‘down the rabbit hole’.  This goes hand in hand with something I like to call ‘The Art of Allowing’. However, this is not as easy as it may sound.

I’ve often referred to my ‘back seat driver’, the logical mind that comes along for the ride as a passenger during my lucid dreaming experiences. Finding what makes a good marriage between the art of allowing, and the observer part of the logical mind to enable the experience not to crash to an abrupt halt, can be a tedious balancing act that improves over time with each experience.

Most people have a really tough time ‘letting go’ of the how, what, when, where, why of things.  Hence, I would make a lousy journalist, because most of those things are irrelevant to me during a spiritual experience, because they tend to override the whole concept of ‘being’ in the moment of something.

Having the feeling of being SAFE during your astral travel, will open up and enable you to allow more freely. The more in the moment you are, the more potential you have to take things in, and you’ll pick up on more details each time. However, another key element in all this, is to do this with an open mind, free of EXPECTATIONS.

Many people have had one pivotal experience, which was joyously overwhelming. As soon as they try to REPEAT the experience, retracing over the same steps, disappointment is most often the result. Expectations are in direct conflict with the art of allowing. No two experiences are identical. See the dilemma?

As for the ‘voices’, or communication, I’ve had similar experiences. Again, the logical mind along for the ride is doing it’s dandiest to ‘decipher’ what’s going on, and gets twitter pated when it can’t seem to find ‘the words’ to do so. I’ve often described this type communication as complete thoughts that enter in a nano second, almost streaming in. For now, try to let go of all the ‘what’, and just allow the gist, the emotion, the overview to come through. When I journal these dreams, I often find myself stringing together 5-6 words that on their own, wouldn’t completely relay what I heard or felt. However, together in a string, I can revisit the event, and pick out the prime elements/aspect of each word that is relevant. Together as a whole, I then have the key thought and emotion I felt, that I couldn’t otherwise express.

Setting your INTENTION before going to bed, or meditating, also helps. You’d be surprised what the universe sends you in response. Most of us just aren’t aware enough, to take in the subtle messages that come our way when we’re truly open.

If you are feeling safe in your experiences, you can try the suggestions I’ve offered. Keep a journal, write down whatever comes to mind, WITHOUT questioning the logistics of it. Remember that colors have vibrations, so do emotions. Everything is interconnected.

The more experiences you have, the more you’ll recognize as familiar when you have new ones. As time progresses, your ‘observations’ will become keener, without interrupting the flow of the experience. You’re back seat driver will take more ‘notes’ in silence, then speaking up and interfering. You’ll potentially be in a better place to ask questions such as ‘Are you my spirit guide?’, or ‘Who are you?’. Upon waking, you’re recollection of things will have a broader spectrum. Hopefully, you’ll also have some answers!

There is a wonderful book I’ve recommended for those seeking the nitty gritty on details surrounding OBE’s, and astral travel:  Toltec Dreaming: Don Juan’s Teachings on the Energy Body by Ken Eagle Feather. He offers in depth information on the various states of astral dreaming, and offers suggestions for levels of control while doing so. You may find more answers here that are specific to you.

When I first set out to find out some answers, I was frustrated that none of the ‘formulaic’ approaches available seemed to work for me. Once I let go of that, accepted things to simply unfold, I got the best results.

Remember that we are all unique ‘spirits having the human experience’, hence our results will differ. I wish you safe and happy travels!

Sincerely, the Fringe Dweller


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  1. 1
    Sandy said,

    on August 25th, 2010 at 1:26 pm

    Monica, I have gone to many different sites in kind, in hopes of finding at least “one” site, that might possibly match my experience; so far, no such luck. I just read the post from Tien as well as your reply and although my experience is not the same, I still feel compelled to leave you this message. Perhaps you may have some insight for me or some age old wisdom as to what to do/think/feel, about my experiences. The experiences I refer to have been happening to me, on and off now for the past four or five months, and have been fairly constant lately – almost nightly. The experiences have also changed of late, graduated … if you will.

    It all started one night when I closed my eyes to sleep. I assure you though, I was NOT asleep, nor was I lucid dreaming. I was conscious and aware. Suddenly, I hear a voice. The voice was more monotone, male and yet non-gender specific, calm, wise, sedate, matter-of-fact, relaxing and confident. Almost as if coming from a sage or seer of long ago. I wasn’t hearing by way of my ears and yet I could hear very distinctively the words being uttered. I fully understood them, as they were in English and very clear. This voice and I, conversed back and forth throughout that night. And, even though I would sleep on occasion, the voice kept talking to me and apparently I kept replying too. I would wake, disoriented and lost. I felt as if I had dosed off in class and yet kept on learning in my sleep. When awake, I found myself trying to decipher all that had transpired and catch up on what the conversation was about. I kept telling myself, “I will remember all of this tomorrow” and felt confident that I would. However when tomorrow came, I could remember the voice distinctly and only a very few words. Words like divocity, lexiconfusion, annihilation, and I remember being told that I needed to be responsible for myself.

    As the nights passed, more conversations transpired and still upon waking I remember nothing much, except the fact that what we speak of is of utter importance. Now, the “changed” part in all of this. When I lay down to sleep, I find myself tingling from the crown of my head, the sensation runs down my spine and gives me goose bumps all over. I then start to itch, pretty much all over – specifically upon the crown of my head. The itching keeps me consciously awake and yet in the mornings when I get up, I still feel very rested. Also, when I first stand in the mornings I feel very light headed and dizzy. I see stars and brace for balance. As I start to move around I have an extremely heavy sensation upon my shoulders. It feels like a 40 lb child is sitting atop them. This feeling makes me weak and even weakens my legs to some degree. I also feel anxious throughout the day, as if waiting for something “significant” to happen. Now, before you ask, yes – I have been to the doctor and I have a clean bill of health.

    Any thoughts?


  2. 2
    Monica said,

    on August 31st, 2010 at 5:33 pm

    Thank you for sharing your experience, and I’ll do my best to offer you some insight. You hit the nail on the head with ‘graduated’. I’ve discovered for myself, that I’ve gone through a number of ‘growth spurts’, where for a period of months, the frequency of experiences amp up, and they mature in new diverse ways.

    How you ‘heard’ in your dream state, Tien described very well by referring to it as ‘dream-hearing, where you know you heard it but it doesn’t really make any sound.’ Your ‘conversation’ took on a telepathic aspect, where streams of thoughts are instantly understood as a whole, without focusing on any individual ‘words’. I’ve often had that very thing you describe, where upon waking, you could only remember a few words, and I understand how frustrating that can be! However, very ‘aware’ of you to tell yourself to remember upon waking. This may get better with practice. Just be patient.

    You mention that although you remember nothing much, you know it holds utter importance. Take that in, and be with that. Even though you may not be able to put your finger on the content, know that on a deeper level, you are indeed retaining the message. It’ll be there for when you need it. You may choose to think of it as a ‘gift’.

    I’ve also experienced what you describe as the ‘tingling’ from the crown of your head, running down your spine. This is known as Kundalini energy. Kundalini refers to a corporal energy stemming from and residing in the spine. Wkipedia describes it well as ‘the natural energy of the Self, where Self is the universal consciousness present in every being’ , and that the ‘God-consciousness, nirvana and kundalini awakening are all the same thing, and self-inquiry meditation is considered a very natural and simple means of reaching this goal.’ Also that this ‘energy can be “awakened” by a teacher, but body and spirit must be prepared by yogic austerities such as pranayama, or breath control, physical exercises, visualization, and chanting. The kundalini can also awaken as a result of doing forms of spiritual practice, and sometimes IT CAN AWAKEN SPONTANEOUSLY, FOR NO OBVIOUS REASON’. I’d have to venture you reside in the latter part of this description.

    I had the very same experiences. At the time, I had no name or definition for. I described to my mentor how it started at my crown Chakra (top of the head) , and seemed to course though and down my spine in a whoosh that ended with me vibrating to a degree, where I could have sworn I was levitating, as that’s how strong the energy was. Once my mentor described the Kundalini, it all came together and made sense. For me, this vibrating Kundalini energy became a pattern that associated with my ‘growth spurts’. So….congratulations…you’ve ‘graduated’!

    As for waking with feelings of dizziness, and a ‘weight’, I’d have to say that’s just par for the course. 🙂
    However, what my mentor always reminded me of, was never to underestimate the magnitude of these energetic shifts. A good analogy is ‘day surgery’. Everyone responds differently. Many people have the urge to sleep for a week, some have headaches, while others might actually feel energized. So just be kind to yourself. The fact that you awake feeling rested is a big asset.

    You may find that there is a leveling out, or lull in the frequency and intensity of your experiences. There may be a time when you enter another ‘growth spurt’, however now you will have a better grasp of what might be going on. I hope this offers some insight into what is going on for you.

    Namaste, Monica

  3. 3
    ed said,

    on September 2nd, 2010 at 9:41 pm

    Cool. I have done this too. Where I was going to sleep and then all of a sudden I hear voices. And I can tell I was still conscious but going to sleep. I have done this several times when I was younger but I haven’t done this for a while now.

    If I try and listen and make out these voices I would go to full dream mode and then cant remember a thing when I wake up. If I try and listen and then realize I’m conscious and then try and make out the words I would wake up. The voices sound like a bunch of voices that you hear if you’re in a restaurant or in a train with many people talking to each other. I would try to listen to the words. They sound like English but if I try too hard I would get to deep in the dream state or I would get to conscious and wake up.

    I often wonder if those voices are some type of parallel world that exist at the same time and place we are at, but operating at a different frequency kind of like a radio frequency. The frequencies exist, you can hear them through radio but you cant see, taste, smell, or hear (only through radio) them. Hopefully someone has an answer. Yours was really deep where they were talking to you, very interesting. Let me know if you get more and keep posting about it here.


  4. 4
    Sandy said,

    on September 3rd, 2010 at 10:56 am

    Hello again, and yes Ed, it is still happening only it’s just one voice and always the same voice. Still, I am only remembering bits and pieces. This morning when I woke I remember one phrase word for word, that being, “the art of saying nothing, is often times greater than ones ability to speak.” I found that phrase most interesting, especially after I looked up the other words that made little sense to me at the time, (IE – Divocity, Lexiconfusion and Annihilation).

    The following is the most accurate definitions for those words:

    Divocity – To suspend your political campaign for completely patriotic and totally not at all disingenuous reasons. (Political-Addictionary)

    Annihilation – is defined as “total destruction” or “complete obliteration” of an object;[1] having its root in the Latin nihil (nothing). A literal translation is “to make into nothing”.

    Lexicon – (a) book containing an alphabetical arrangement of the words in a language and their definitions, (dictionary). (b) vocabulary of a language, an individual speaker or group of speakers, or a subject. (c)the total stock of morphemes in a language.

    However, the last word was LexiconFUSION, so perhaps that means confusion in words or words that confuse.

    So, we have two complete phrases – “you must take responsibility for yourself” and “the art of saying nothing, is often times greater than ones ability to speak.” Combined with Divocity, Annihilation and Lexiconfusion.

    I would venture to say that Lexiconfusion means “the art of saying nothing, is often times greater than ones ability to speak.” and that Annihilation is somehow referenced to the other phrase “you must take responsibility for yourself.” I’m a little stuck though on Divocity though. Of course, I could be way off target here, I guess more time will tell, at least I hope. Anyone else have any thoughts on this?


  5. 5

    on November 6th, 2010 at 4:34 pm

    Well it is usually nice to view something truly helpful on the net that’s not spammed to death. I put my hat down to you for not comercializing in every possible way and actually helping someone.

  6. 6
    Carlos Cestero said,

    on May 8th, 2011 at 10:03 am

    Well let me start by mentioning that english is not my default language (so, excuse my errors here) and that I often have “Sleep Paralisys” and also often I try to take advantage of it and try to force mylelf to an OBE. My sleep paralisys only last for seconds or maybe 2-3 minutes at the most (not a 1 hour sleep paralisys). But I am here to talk about another experience. I’m 31 years old. About 4 years ago, I was sleeping during the day while my parents (mom & dad) were taking a plane to Orlando, Florida. At some point during my sleep I became conscious with the usual sleep paralisys, (unable to move any part of my body) For some unknown reason I was suddenly “hearing” a conversation between my mother and my father in the airplane. My father was asking to my mother if the air hostess was going to give Coca Cola or not. And my mother answered that the air hostess already pass with the cans of Coca Cola and all the stuff, and he (my father) did not got anything. My mother mentioned something to my father asking him if he was crazy, lol anyway… I am a 100% sure those events did happen in reality because later that day, I called my mother and I was able to confirm everything, and everything happened exactly as I heard it while “sleeping” during the day. I often find myself awake while sleeping but unable to move, so I am completely conscious but in a sleep state at the same time. As I mentioned, this event took place like 4 years ago, now… last night while I was sleeping, I also became conscious again (this time was like 3:45am) I went to sleep at 3:11 I would say, since I always see my watch before going to sleep) anyway… this time I heard a loud sound and my father talking to my mother. Seems like my father hit something while walking and was kind of angry, he was also talking to my mother. (I sometimes stay with my parent a weekend and this is one of those weekends) I get to sleep in a small twin bed (since I’m 6’1″ it is not very comfortable) but for some reason, falling to sleep in a place not to comfortable or during the day is when I get this strange things happening. Anyway, to continue the story… when I heard everything (the convesation between my parents), this time for some reason I knew something was strange and I yelled “Are you guys talking?” Well, I tried to yell “are you guys talking?” since it is very hard to yell while in a sleep paralisys. I yelled like 3 times, and there was no response. I know I heard them, but I knew this was not actually happening (my dad talking) because it was the middle of the night and it would be a very rare thing. My question is, and that’s why I ended up here in this webpage writing, reading and looking for an answer… My first impression during the event, and now that I’m awake… and in fact my google seach was “hear voices parallel universe” and those key words made me end up here… my first impression was like I was hearing voices from an alternate reality. Is that even possible? I know I heard my father and mother again, but this time it was not part of this reality we are living in. I have no doubt of what I heard, so is there a way to explain this? I have been reading the stories above, and Ed’s story is very interesting, the way he explains. “I often wonder if those voices are some type of parallel world that exist at the same time and place we are at, but operating at a different frequency kind of like a radio frequency. The frequencies exist, you can hear them through radio but you cant see, taste, smell, or hear (only through radio) them” any feedback would be great… Thank you!

  7. 7
    jovanny santiago said,

    on July 7th, 2011 at 5:04 am

    hello people 🙂 I have had some weird dreams too. somewhat like the first one on this page. I know I was awake, I felt something weird like it was trying to control me but somehow I can control it. I have been having these dreams for over a year. now I have them more often. sometimes night after night and sometimes every other night. anyways I feel some strong energy. I feel like if I was sedated and I feel like I’m levitating.. weird… I then have a strange dream for a few seconds and I feel like I wake up but I’m still in the air. then I hear a voice. can’t remember what he says.. it’s not always a guy but for some reason they know me. after that I look over to try to wake up my cousin so he can see what’s really going on but I can’t talk. I see his soul come out his body then I hear the voice get louder. then with my thoughts I control it all and I drop down slowly to my bed and wake up but my eyes feel like they where open the whole time… there is somethings I know that no one else should but ima, let u know one small piece of it. u ever read the bible? I says something like… how does it go…?? refuse the truth and you’ll live a lie… something like that. that point is, your someone god needs. u will soon wake up. your living a lie. wake up. hes calling you. you ever have that feeling someone is behind you? u ever hear a distant voice but no one is around? u ever have dreams that feel so real but u don’t want to believe they are? wake up.. your living through a hallucination. it’s just a dream. reality is waiting for you. don’t lose your chance.

  8. 8
    DaViD DucK said,

    on August 3rd, 2011 at 10:15 pm

    This is what i have been after! Same has thing happened to me twice now and i am looking foward to my next meeting. Thank you for this site & Here is my amazing experience, ideas and questions in an as short as possible note.

    To begin with i’d like to say i am a regular dreamer and have practiced lucid dreaming for atleast 10 to 15 years now ever since i had a N.D.E. The reason i became so interested in dreams/lucid dreaming is because my N.D.E was no accident. I intentionally done it to see what happens when we die and to find out where we come from to start with. I won’t go into full detail of how i done this but lets just say it consisted of urinating into a powered light socket untill i left my body. (please do not try it as the chances of “coming back” are slim as far as i can tell)

    I was taken to hospital and clinicly dead for over 5 minutes.

    So here’s what i seen of death… It was a dream! 🙂 ever wondered why they say in heaven you can do and be whatever you want? or in hell you will live an eternity of bad things? Its because it is a dream and a dream is whatever you create right? Depending on how you live will determine how your afterlife dream/nightmare will be. if you go and kill people for the governments army, you will live in a nightmare upon death from your actions and thoughts. LITERALLY! to be quick as possible on this subject here is my memories of my “death test” and then my hearing voices and vibrating deeply years later..

    1: At the moment of electricution i seen only pure colors (Flashes of blue, red, green, white, yellow, ect and then finally i let go and seen black.
    2: I was surprised to find that once the electric shock was over and i let go i could still think clearly and i was awaiting to see what come next.
    3: My next thoughts were. Holy **** I am Stuck in a dream!!!!
    4: I then became lucid 😉
    5: I thought wWOW death is a dream and not only that its a lucid dream. i feel like this is home and i have been here 1000’s of years already. I want to go back now! how do i get out????
    6: i became very anxious as i could not wake up no matter how hard i tried and things were constantly changing the more anxious i became.
    7: i woke up on a hospital bed with my family standing around me crying.
    8: My father said OMG i thought you would never wake up.. I love you!
    9: after getting taken home to my very messy (urine covered death experiment room) i was told by my father that when he found me i was purple and not breathing at all. i did have a heartbeat though untill i was getting taken out of the ambulance at which point it stopped..
    10: now my father knows for sure that i have seen death and he knows i know something special or key to this subject.

    so all in all the best thing i can tell you for this part is “Row row row your boat gently down the stream, merrily merrily merrily merrily life is but a _ _ _ _ _. 😉 Literally & so is death. Here we are “connected dreams” in sleep and upon death we are “individual dreams” or should i say “gods” instead of dreams.(because we create them right?) —> Life = “Connected gods/dreams” & Death = individual gods/dreams”

    Okay if you have read this far thank you. Now back on subject for the voices in my head, vibrating, and speaking to other entities near sleep time.

    The first time happened not that long ago and it began with a 90 minute lucid dream loop i have that is music and sound frequencies i produced myself as a musician. Its basically some slowly changing sine waves and other nice pads and soft relaxing instruments playing long extended notes that harmonize together at times throughout the 90 min mp3 loop.

    As stated with the above comments i was NOT asleep when this happened and the first experience sounded like it was outside of me, like they were talking through my speakers and not in my head. It began by saying words and things in english that i could not understand properly and seemed to have no meaning. Then i was blown away to here my voice respond! – but i was not talking. My voice spoke to the other deeper voice and said “so will i be with you when i die” i began to get scared as i listened to my own voice which was not me actually talking, speaking to another voice about death and deep subjects. I tried to move and i realized i was in sleep paralisis and couldn’t budge. All i could do was lay back and stay “tuned in”.

    This is when it got out of hand and the voices become “aware” i was listening in. I said in my mind to them “who are you and what do you mean?” the deeper voice then changed to my friends voice and he started saying “i just want to know if i will be with you when we die?” and to this my own voice began to make this awfull sound going “aaaaaAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!” and the volume got louder and louder and louder untill i thought. I have get up this is going to wake everyone in the house up” so i tried my hardest to get out of sleep paralisis and get back to normal when i suddenly felt like i went through the bottom of my bed and then back up into my body again. As i re entered my body there was a violent vibration pulsating though me that lasted for about 5 seconds and it felt like my bed was shaking untill suddenly i came back to and could move again. As i sat up the voices were gone and everything was earily silent and awkward. I did not know what just happened and was in servere shock for that whole remaining night. (i did not sleep all night).

    The 2nd time happened only a few weeks back but this time the voice was inside my head instead of coming out my speakers and it happened without any mp3 lucid loop or other tools. And it happened around 2 or 3 minutes after i layed down so i definatly was not asleep. I was in a meditative state laying on the sofa bed and i started feeling like i was going up and up and up until i was in space flying through stars and planets. Then suddenly i hear the voice. I thought “oh crap, what is this” and the voice replied. It said “i am you” and i thought “WTF am i going mad?” and the voice again spoke and said “no you are just finally listening to me” i said “what you have been there the whole time?” and it said “yes i have been with you for everything” i began to shake on the couch and got a really weird feeling cause i have never experienced things like this. I said “so you are me and you are talking to me?” and it said “yes, i am your soulmate and i am everything you will become. I will be with your forever and i am your true friend, i am you” I was spinning out at this stage and didn’t know what to believe so i said to the voice “well if you are me and you know everything give me some proof, or something that i can show other people that this is the real deal?” it said a name, a place, a date, and a subject in response to my question and i said “what is that?” it then replied with “thats your job to find out” i said “this is too hard to believe, and i think i am going crazy” and it replied with “no you just have to calm down abit, i think you are just getting abit exited” i felt a calming feeling come over me at this point and i layed there almost enjoying the freaky moment for a few minutes. Then i said “so why haven’t i heard you before now?” it said “you have, you just didn’t listen and now you finally are” i was amazed and all i could think was right its time to do some googling! so i open my browser and typed in the name,place,date and subject this voice told me would prove something and low and behld what come next!..

    I have a very rare last name which is duck – and yes before you laugh i have copped alot of grief over it growing up and been paid out on lots with a nickname of ducky in my school years.. I have never met someone else with the same last name before but yet when i googled the random name date and place this voice told me up pops a link. with altering d.n.a by P.Duck and J Cambridge 1842! i got goosebumps strait away and thought GET ******* what is the chances of that!!! P.Duck 1842 ALTERING DNA and my name is D.Duck. the chance of getting that is 1000000’s to 1 especially when you consider the name i googled was J Cambridge Ottowa! and i am D.Duck Australia.

    Now i thought i had the answers to life,death and everything and this happens it puts me back a step and makes me think, what is really going on here with all of this?

    Sorry for the length and Thanks for your time. I hope it helps you in some way. Any responses are VERY much appreciated.

    David 2011.

  9. 9
    theresa said,

    on September 5th, 2011 at 1:54 am


    I was doing a quick google search about the topic of hearing a voice speaking to you in a lucid dream. It happened just tonight, and I haven’t experienced it in about a few months.
    It’s very frightening to me, as the voice is not only just speaking to me but warning me. I heard it crystal clear in my ear like I was listening to headphones or a cell phone conversation. The incident that happened this evening, I was just lying on my side, I had just put my book down, and I was still awake. I closed my eyes to rest them because they were twitching from the long read, and suddenly it was as if I was for maybe 5 seconds…but I was still awake, it was as if someone blipped in to my frequency and my consciousness was aware of the room, my boyfriend lying next to me, and the sense of time going by being very short. What I first heard was a question. “How are you able to hear my voice? Then as my mind was reeling and freaking out over that question, the second sentence became alittle garbled. All I could make out was the voice saying something along the lines of my dying of stress. I don’t know if the voice meant this as a positive saying the only thing that could ever harm me was stress, and that I needn’t worry anymore or that the voice was warning me that I was physically in danger. Anyways, again my mind is frightened over that, and then the voice told me, “promise you won’t tell anyone about this”. In my thoughts I did not even think of an answer my mind was still reeling, then immediately after that I hear a second voice, a female who sounded an awful lot like me answer back, ” I promise”. Then the man started laughing. That spooked me, and I woke up, hugged my boyfriend, and tried to calm down and push it out of my mind and go back to sleep. When I did eventually go back to sleep I had these series of lucid dreams where I’m in my bed and I’m hearing and seeing things that my boyfriend is not aware of at all. I realize its dreaming when I try to cry for help and nothing comes out of my mouth.

    I have had odd dreams like this since I was a little girl. As a kid I was terrified sometimes to go to sleep, I was having almost nightly reoccurring dreams where I was being sucked up off of my bed, I could feel the sheets slide off of me, and I was being raised up to the ceiling. Nightly I was having these. Sometimes in my dreams as I was about to be lifted up to the ceiling I would see these red beady eyes watching me at the foot of the bed.

    I feel pretty ridiculous talking about this, but its been going on for my whole life. As I’ve gotten older the floating dreams became less constant, but I still have them every now and then. Now the new one is the voices, and I find them very disturbing. Even after tonight’s experience, I chugged a cup of tea to keep me awake because I am still a little weirded out by it and am afraid if I relax I will hear it again or dream those crazy lucid dreams where I think I wake up but I’m in another identical dream. I kept falling asleep before and having these terrifying lucid dreams of my being exactly where I am now, and it feeling so real, and my trying to tell my boyfriend about the voice, and then something trying to stop me or scare me into silence.

    I’ve had a dream before that was a warning. One night several years ago, when I hadn’t had a floater dream in about a couple of years, all of a sudden I’m sucked up to the ceiling and for the first time in these experiences, I left the building. I was carried up in the air over my neighborhood. All of a sudden I see this corner of a street that looks familiar. At the time in the dream I did not recognize it. It was an abandoned lot surrouded by a chain link fence. Whatever carried me, all of a sudden shoots me down nose first into the concrete sidewalk. I wake up immediately and am shaking. Now for the scary part, it was just if I remember right, day or two later that I was mugged on my street in brooklyn right on the corner near an abandoned lot with a chain link fence. I was punched in face and they broke my nose immediately. I didn’t think of the dream until after about a week of recooperation. But its very very strange to me.

    Anyways, I’m going to keep looking online to see if other people have had these experiences. Sometimes I like them, sometimes they are even pleasant, but most times they are very scary to me, and trying to “wake” from them is very difficult.

  10. 10

    on July 25th, 2012 at 1:15 pm

    I felt like that too, where I felt all heavy, and I couldn’t move all parts of my body. I heard a voice saying ‘Kirsty are you still there?’ so i said ‘Yes’. Then is said I’m God, and I was like ‘ARE you crazy?!’, then suddenly I heard a second voice. I swear it was my dead grandad who died in March on his birthday. I woke up crying like mad in the night. In the morning this dream and voices I keep hearing freaks me out. It makes me wanna get up and move away from my dream.

  11. 11
    Joshua said,

    on August 2nd, 2012 at 1:01 am

    Really interesting comments here. I had a very profound dream today that led me to hop on the computer and do some research before falling asleep again tonight.

    Carlos’s comment about how the dreams tend to happen to him when he’s sleeping on something uncomfortable, or during the day time, is quite relevant to me as well. I was on a leather couch with my girlfriend, both of us hardly fitting together, napping. I went through a frenzy of different dreamscapes, some lucid and some not.

    Lucid dreams for me rarely mean I can control what’s happening around me. Just my body movements and my thoughts, the rest is still my subconscious or something. Not too sure, not an expert on the subject.

    For the lucid segments of my experience, the one theme of voices, a kind of chatter, was the obvious focus.I was on my couch just as I was, aware of where I was, when I started to hear a sort of restaurant like chatter. Just a lot of overlapping voices, hard to make out what they were talking about. I do distinctly remember hearing my grandparent’s voices though, and I’m currently house sitting for them. I heard bits of what my grandpa has said, I love my grandfather but I could tell the point of repeating things he had said was to try and tell me not to be like him, because there was a negative connotation to the referencing. He’s very old school, hard set in his ways, and I definitely do not agree with his perception of reality. In any case, during my dream, I would think that they had come home and that I had to wake up. Well it was very difficult to do this, I was in a state of sleep paralysis. I kept thinking that someone was home, and that I should wake up to greet them or see what they were talking about. It wasn’t necessarily directed at me, not yet. Just a sort of ambiance I suppose.

    Next, and it’s all pretty hazy, but next, there are voices directed at me. Not seemingly trying to engage me in conversation, I don’t remember too well at least, something is telling me though that I may have been speaking back to them via concept transfer. Like not really using words but just kind of communicating entire sentences in an instant, streaming thoughts out. When the voices took to me as their subject, it was like they were just talking about me, in a way in which they knew I was listening. It wasn’t really good or bad, I can’t really remember.

    Next, I hear a crying in my grandparent’s bedroom behind me. I project my vision to look into the room and I see what I perceive as a little girl curled up crying very ominously. I didn’t want to get any closer, so I turn back and find myself on the couch. I see myself there and I’m aware of where I am, but I’m not awake. The voices kind of grow and crescendo until it gets so loud I wake up, and when I do I’m so overcome with drowsiness I just fall back asleep. This continues for an hour or so.

    Eventually I get visions of a man in a psych ward, older man, long beard long hair, and the visuals are transferring between his life (not from his perspective, like cinematic shots) and then the life of kids in their late teens/early 20s living their life. It goes back and forth between the two for a while, and I distinctly remembering that I wish there were a movie made about this concept with the focus being “if you can perpetuate the dream, then is it really a dream at all anymore?” for example, were the kids and their life just projections from a man living in isolation, was he reminiscing? or was it the dream of the kid, or was the kid projecting himself into the future? not sure, but that’s the point I think.

    Anyway, craziest bit is, when I finally woke up to find my girlfriend reading, she had a similar experience. She also was going through sleep paralysis, and heard voices speaking around us. Same sensation of “oh I should wake up there are people here” but found it very hard to pull herself away from the dream state. She also was dreaming about her being on the couch, and my dog bringing in a squirrel and said that I got very mad at her (my dog). Also she said that I was talking to her in her dream, but I was whispering and she couldn’t hear me. She would try and ask me to speak louder, but it wouldn’t work.

    She also went through a nightmare sequence, with a bit of someone chasing her up these stairs as they dissolve beneath her.

    Now just from a psychological standpoint, I see how the majority of this could be analyzed and the subject matter just coming from the labyrinth of the subconscious. I understand how I could relate a lot of it to relationships, suppressed memories, ill addressed emotions and thoughts, etc. But the shared voices is something I find difficult to interpret. The house was dead silent, and like mentioned here before, upon waking there was a startlingly “loud” sensation of quiet. It was very hard to make sense of what had gone on, and when my girlfriend started to mention she had crazy dreams we understood we went through something similar.

    I really like the frequency idea, that there are alternative planes of existence that surround us that we are not tuned in to. that we can’t perceive unless our perceptive conditions are altered. I think that’s a really interesting subject to start looking into, and I have had a couple OBEs in my life so the concept of varied realities is not necessarily foreign to me.

    If anyone has any insight into what I experienced, or has experienced something similar, please reply. The only other time I’ve experienced voices like this was when I had taken a large amount of “downers”, and some sleeping pills, and stayed awake. It was similar where they would get louder until they woke me up only to be vibrating in silence. Sometimes they were calling my name, like trying to get my attention.

    That’s about all I can bring to myself to write about. It’s 3 am and now I have to face my bed and see if I have a repeat of today. Kind of been avoiding the notion of sleep but I’m tired now and I’ll see what happens.

  12. 12
    Kevin said,

    on October 31st, 2012 at 1:52 am

    Hello people!
    I’ve been having LD’s for years but I stop it and I dunno if I have the guts to have one again because it happened that my last LD freaked me out. When I was in my dream It was fun… Flying and doing whatever I want but then suddenly I hear this whisper *whooshing* everywhere and everything gets dark ’till there is no light and I can’t even control my dream anymore. I panicked and I wanted to open my eyes but I see nothing but darkness. I’m so afraid to get sleep paralysis then I said to myself that “hey I was just dreaming! I’m just dreaming this is not reality! Since then I feel nervous whenever I sleep It might happen that I get some Lucid Dreams accidentally. 🙁
    Kevin´s last blog post ..7 Differences Between Astral Projection And Lucid Dreaming

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