The Flacker: artwork from Chapter Three

tint on canvas = 5’h x 3’w

Artwork 'The Flacker' by Monica Holy, psychic, artist and author of the paranormal book 'Fringe Dweller on the Night Shift'


Dream Journal entry:

Tuesday, February 14 2006

It’s a pleasant social moment in dreamtime. I’m telling a story to a friend about the escapades of my Burmese cat battling it out with a squash.

A sound intrudes from the background. It’s faint at first, but as it gets louder it starts to annoy me. It’s like the stutter of fingers being rubbed on an inflated balloon and rates right up there in my books with nails on the chalkboard. I involuntarily shiver.

Doing my best to ignore the distraction, I carry on with my tale, but the noise is persistent and gets louder yet. “Don’t you hear that?” I finally ask my friend, but she claims not to have heard a thing. Shrugging, I pick up the thread of the story a third time and just as I do, I become aware of a ghostly presence out of the corner of my eye.

It’s a young woman—perhaps in her late teens— wearing blue jeans and a long-sleeved blue striped shirt. She’s soaking wet. Her long, straggly blonde hair is plastered in matted strands against her face. Her face is gaunt. She looks as though she drowned.

I feel her close now, standing just by the bedside, but I refuse to give up my story, anxious to get to the punch line.

Suddenly her form begins to flicker back and forth like the strobing image from an old film projector. Between the flickering image and the stuttering sound, it’s nothing short of creepy. My patience at an end, I finally give in and turn to her. ‘Stop it!!” I demand firmly, ‘You’re freaking me out!”

“Well it got your attention didn’t it?” she said, smiling slightly in apology.

“Yes,” I admit, “but it freaks me out, so please stop doing it!”

“It’s called flacking,” she replied, and with that she disappeared. Although she hadn’t told me her name, I knew it was Debbie.



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