Synchronicity: artwork from Chapter Nine

acrylic phospherous on board = 4’h x 5’w

Artwork 'Synchronicity' by Monica Holy, psychic, artist and author of the paranormal book 'Fringe Dweller on the Night Shift'


Dream Journal entry:

Wednesday, November 20 2002

Crack! I’m awakened from a deep sleep by the sound of what seems like someone quickly and forcefully smacking their hand down on the armrest to the left of me. Okay! They have my attention. Adrenaline racing, I’m not sure yet what to expect.

Time passes.

Nothing happens.

I’m half-awake now, noting the room around me. Quite frankly, I’m not used to wakeful interaction while on the Night Shift. I close my eyes hoping for either communication or a return to sleep. In complete contrast to my feelings earlier, an overwhelming sense of trust descends upon me. I feel totally safe.

My eyes are closed, but I can see through my eyelids as if they are open. Uncertain if this is just an image made up in my mind, or if it is really happening, I open my eyes for a moment. Yup. It’s out there. I close my eyes again and begin to scan the room. An intense, phosphorescent glow begins to shape itself into a web of cells, each filled with multiple hieroglyphs. I feel as if I’m seeing a plane of existence sandwiched between realities.

The web grows until it completely surrounds me. I see it as if from the inside of a filmy bubble. I ask if I might get a closer look and immediately it moves closer as though responding to my request, allowing me to get a clearer view of the symbols held within the cells of the web.

Each cell contains multiple linear stick figures that remind me of petroglyphs—simple eye, human, and animal forms. The human figures are all turned right, and always face the animals. The eyes number between two and six for each cell. I know that each cell represents a community of interplanetary species and the notion of universal co-existence.

I hear a very loud and persistent message: “We’re here, everywhere, all the time.” And the name of the experience comes to me also, like a passing sigh: “Synchronicity.”



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