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Paranormal book 'Fringe Dweller on the Night Shift' by psychic, artist Monica Holy

Fringe Dweller on the Nightshift:True Stories from an Afterlife Paramedic, is a recounting of Monica’s personal experience as a medium and lucid dreamer. It is, in effect, an insider’s look at the Other Side from the Other Side. Monica’s accounts are not channeled. They are the first-hand experiences of someone who enters alternate realities in ethereal form and works from that reality to guide the souls of the traumatized dead to the light, heal the energy bodies of those still living, and interact with beings that inhabit spirit realms.

It is Monica’s step into the light—a coming out of the psychic closet. Monica is not seeking converts. Her purpose is to encourage readers to look within themselves for answers, to comfort those who have lost a loved one, and to help those who are having their own psychic experiences to feel less alone in their often strange and secretive worlds.

In Fringe Dweller on the Nightshift, she eloquently recounts her psychic and spiritual work with the troubled dead, the newly dead or those about to die – especially children – to provide emergency relief. She also brings back messages from the world beyond this one, by offering each and every one of us inspiration and ideas for honoring our feelings and connecting to the divine expression of all that is. Ultimately, we will all see The Grid (chapter 10): the invisible reality beyond our five senses that underlies all physical form as we know it. Fringe Dweller on the Nightshift combines cosmic adventure with down-to-earth practical information – part art, part memoir, part philosophy, part guidance, this book is a work of the heart.

Over 25% of the population report having out-of-body or near-death experiences and are wanting to make sense of them.

Each of the ten main chapters is derived from, and illustrated by, a painting that Monica has created from her lucid dream memories. The strong and sometimes haunting paintings provide the structure for this book. The chapters are related but independent episodes punctuated by stories of life on the Other Side.

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“While reviewing this 198 page read I can’t tell you which blew my mind the most, the fact that such an amazing gift exists or the factual personal account of living with such a gift. Can you imagine going to sleep at night and having vivid memories of helping souls to past from one realm to another?  It was a real stunner, and got my attention on so many levels, the author did a very brave thing by exposing her abilities for all to see.

As her story unfolded in an honestly descriptive and straightforward way, I was able to see myself and my own gifts, and even a lot of my fears when it comes to the other side. One of the parts that really made me look was about a person that was about to be murdered and the author was able to jump into her body to help easy the trauma of the brutal attack and subsequent death. I would recommend this truly brilliant account of a selfless Lightworker to anyone wanting to know more about how we help each other to enlightenment. Thanks Monica, you are very definitely my hero. Love and Light…”

– Riki Frahmann, Chief Reviewer for the ezine Mystic Living Today

“Not only is Monica Holy an excellent writer, but I was immediately captured by her personal introduction into her fascinating, but often lonely, life. I was enthralled by her insight into the spirit world, her philosophy of life and God, and her delightful sense of humor. The exhilarating discovery of ‘the knowing,’ ‘the healing equation,’ and‘ethereal bodies’ in Fringe Dweller are concepts that will bring me guidance, inspiration, and hope always.”

—Deena Budd, paranormal editor at BellaOnline

“Monica gets more done in her dreams than I do awake in a week. Fringe Dweller is a heartfelt account of one woman’s journey of  discovering and fine-tuning her purpose as a healer.”

-Dougall Fraser, author of But You Knew That Already: What a Psychic Can Teach You About Life

“What a brave soul Monica Holy is to have written such an important book. To those of us show have committed our lives to walking this path and helping wherever we can,  the information in this book is invaluable. Now the fringe dwellers of the world will understand what they’re doing in their sleep time: working the night shift.”

-Echo Bodine, author of My Big Book of Healing

Fringe Dweller is a humble and honest portrayal of Monica’s journey in understanding and coming to grips with her incredible gift. Her writing is very timely in a world where more people are seeking answers and clarity about who we are and why we are here. It’s one of those books where you forget you are reading and the story just unfolds in your mind like a movie.”

—Byron Close, production manager at Corus Radio Calgary

“Monica has overridden the phrase ‘fear of death’ with the phrase ‘embrace life.’ I lost my mother in March, but now that I’ve read Fringe Dweller I’ve totally taken on a new attitude toward my grief. This has made a difference in my acceptance of what was a loss, but is no longer.”

—Steve Bolton, professor in the Broadcast Media Department, Loyalist College

“Monica’s life purpose on earth is to assist souls to move to the other side during a traumatic death. Her ability to reach into the world of spirit and work with the souls there puts her in a league with Stuart Wilde, Sylvia Browne, John Edward, and Rosemary Altea.”

—Carolyn Long, psychotherapist

“To say that Monica Holy challenges the boundaries of time and space and everything in between is an understatement. Monica’s personal insights and documentation of her other-worldly journeys in the waking, dream, and inter-dimensional states is, simply put, amazing and awe-inspiring.”

—Jerry Rector, author, actor, director, producer, healer

“Monica gives us a personal and extensive tour of a world beyond our fingertips; a world some of us (until now) have only caught a glimpse of. As soon as you close this book, you’ll want to pick it up and read it all over again.”

—Reiner Derdau, documentary film director and producer


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